The different trainings

You want to progress in diving and acquire new experiences… You have come to the right place ! Jean-Marc, technical director for 20 years, will be able to direct you to the training best suited to your needs.

Training to become a supervisor is accessible from Level 2. There are:

>> volunteer supervisor training :

  • the FFESSM club initiator (accessible from level 2)
  • level 4 (accessible from level 3)
  • the 1st degree federal monitor (accessible from level 4)
  • the 2nd degree federal monitor

>> professional supervisor training :

  • the Professional Certificate (accessible from level 3)
  • the State Diploma (BEES1)
  • the Higher State Diploma (BEES2).

One to two sessions per year are organized by our school, by reservation and subject to a minimum of 4 candidates. Contact us for more information !

Training prices



Dive Initiator
Complete training course: initial course, educational sessions and exam

490 €

Dive Guide Level 4
Training course

990 €

1st degree federal monitor courses
Initial internship (6 days), simulation internship (30 days), final internship and exam (6 days)

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Professional diving instructor courses

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Training site



Annecy Diving Center - Talloires

Open by appointment only

4 courses available according to your level

The Club Initiator Certificate (FFESSM) (E1)

Dive Initiator… Your first level teacher! Accessible from Level 2! It allows you to give lessons in the near space (6m) from beginner to level 2. It also gives you the prerogatives of diving director in the pool. If you hold Level 4, the teaching prerogatives are extended to the median space (20m). The training includes :

  • 1 initial course of 2 days
  • 12 training sessions (in intensive course 5 days or not)

>> Application requirements :

  • be 18 years old
  • be Level 2 and have completed at least 12 autonomous dives in a natural environment since obtaining your diploma (for the exam)
  • hold the RIFAP
  • Medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of scuba diving (issued by a medical specialist: hyperbaric doctor or sports doctor or diving doctor or federal doctor).

Upon request, a registration file will be sent to you.

The Level 4 Certificate - Dive Guide (E2-E3 or P4)

Dive Guide... This is the first level of leadership. It also gives access to monitoring, the State Certificate and the world of hyperbaric work.

Level 4 is a very comprehensive level, for which time is needed : approximately 20 practice sessions and 20 theory sessions are required.

You will learn a thousand and one exciting things that will make you see diving differently, with the trained eye of a real PALANQUEE GUIDE! One to two sessions per year are organized by our school, (also by reservation: 4 candidates minimum)

>> Conditions of application : On simple request, a registration file will be sent to you.

The 1st degree Federal Instructor Certificate (FFESSM) (E3)

Diving instructor … The FFESSM instructor will allow you to teach diving from beginner to level 4 and sign the FFESSM certificates.

It is composed of 3 parts :

  • Initial course (6 days)
  • Scenario training (30 days)
  • Final course and exam (6 days)

Given the latest changes, a case-by-case study is preferable to benefit from all the relief available. You have the possibility of following the training course in situation in our school thanks to our educational follow-up.

>> Conditions of application : On simple request, a registration file will be sent to you.

Become a Professional Instructor (around E4)

Professional diving instructor …

The BP: Professional Certificate

The BP Snorkeling: Professional certificate specializing in snorkeling and apnea.

The DE: State Diploma E3, additional qualification to become E4

The DES: Higher State Diploma E4

These diplomas will allow you to teach diving as a professional. Our center is approved by the C.R.E.P.S. d’Antibes as well as the C.R.E.P.S. of Montpellier for training at BP, DE and DES on a work-study basis.

>> Application conditions : Contact us for more information on these different diplomas

From 490
price / person
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From 490
price / person

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