Duration3 days, 5 days

In short

The State Diploma in Mountaineering - Mountain Leader allows you to supervise and accompany mountain hikes for remuneration, even occasionally. An AMM leads and safely guides individuals or groups in the mountains, excluding glacial and rocky areas.

Our preparatory curriculum for the qualifying exam enables you to acquire the essential fundamentals for success in the State Diploma exam. This assessment consists of several tests: hiking and orientation in varied terrain (Orientation - cartography), presentation of a list of 30 hikes in different mountain ranges.

During this training, you will have the opportunity to confront the mountains and prepare for these various tests to maximize your chances of success in the qualifying exam.


  • From Friday, September 6th to Sunday, September 8th, 2024 | Bourg-Saint-Maurice & surroundings


  • No more slot available for 5 days training sessions. Please contact us for 2025




Two training options are available for each session based on your level of preparation:

1. Discovery or improvement training - 5 days: Discovery and preparation for the qualifying exam with execution of hikes for the list of 30 hikes.

  • Discovery objective: discover the summer or snowy mountain environment, discover the profession of AEM, discover cartography.
  • Improvement objective: improve in cartography, work on orienteering.

2. 100% Proba training - 3 days: Specialized orienteering training and preparation for the qualifying exam.

To register for this option, you must be able to answer positively to the following questions:

  • Have you ever read a map? Can you use a compass?
  • Have you ever done orienteering races independently?
  • Have you ever completed a hike with a 1500m elevation gain and at least 20 km distance?
  • If yes, you can register for our 100% Proba training, otherwise, please consider the discovery or improvement option.


♿ For individuals with disabilities, please contact us directly by email or phone!

Indicative prices



Discovery & improvement
Tuition fees

396,00€ TTC

100% Probability
Educational costs

256,00€ TTC

To remember


Objectives and skills developed :

  • Develop your mountain culture
  • Know how to configure your routes in the specific mountain environment
  • Develop your orienteering skills

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This training prepares you for the following professions :

  • Mid-Mountain Guide
  • Trail running competition trainer
  • Organizer of hiking race, trek

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  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Have a real interest in the mountains

Terms of access

To enrol in the AMM probationary examination preparation course, you must :  

Have completed the registration form and sent it by e-mail to: pro-outdoor-academy@evolution2.com


The + of the training

The benefits of this training :

  • Join the network of Evolution 2 schools present throughout France with mobility on Evolution 2 sites
  • Benefit from quality training, with simulations for the probatore exam
  • Benefit from excellent training with quality supervision (former ENSA teachers, experienced coaches passionate about training, mental trainer, etc.)
  • Follow an intensive and unique training for the preparation for the probationary exam Be accompanied, supervised and supported during your various test events at ENSA Have a bi-qualification option, for a continuous activity within the Evolution2 network (white water, mountain biking, skiing, …)

Optimal training and training conditions :

  • Individualized follow-up with an individual training booklet and weekly evaluations: timed mock tests, weekly module evaluations, simulation of orientation and mapping tests, ...
  • An excellent expertise of our coaches in teaching and competition at your disposal, throughout the duration of the training, for an optimal follow-up
  • A campus dedicated to training times with accommodation in a double room with bathroom and individual toilets
From 275
price / person
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From 275
price / person

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