Organize a bachelorette party

On the shores of Lacanau or Carcans Maubuisson, the Evolution 2 Lacanau team offers you to organize an bachelorette party that suits you.

Sports challenge, Koh-Lanta challenge, relaxation with friends, Yoga on the beach, electric fatbike ride, wakeboard session, the choice is yours!


From 40€/person

Meeting point



Evolution 2 Lacanau

Moutchic's Beach

Located near Splash Parc

Bachelorette party ideas

Relaxation with friends !

  • It is on Lake Lacanau that you will go for a supervised stand up paddle ride.
  • Enjoy a gourmet break in an idyllic setting with a masseuse available
  • Possibility to add a yoga session on the beach


  • Departing from Carcans Maubuisson, go by Canoe or Stand up Paddle to Lacanau lake on the pond canal (2h / 2h30 of navigation).
  • When you arrive in Lacanau, enjoy a gourmet break on an oyster bed in the middle of Lake Lacanau.
  • You will leave by following by bike through the pine forest for a ride of 1h30 (VTC or electric fatbike)

Survivor challenge

Inspired by the famous TV game show, the survivors' challenge combines sport & relaxation for a friendly & recreational moment.

The group is divided into several teams and competes on 4 activities, previously defined together. As an adventurer, gain the immunity totem...

Not losing a drop of water, challenging yourself on an obstacle course, not being eaten by crocodiles or hunting with a catapult in order to win the immunity totem, it is in the shoes of Robinson Crusoe that you spend your afternoon! Prepare yourself for the grand pole final that will decide between you.

Electric scooter

The all-terrain electric scooter, accessible to all, allows you to go into the forest or to the beach of Lacanau Océan.

Go with your instructor for 1h30 of fun with friends! Through paths in the middle of the forest, you reach the beaches of Lacanau Océan for a stroll in the salty air! We love the walk at the end of the day with the sunset!

What they say


We called on Evolution 2 for an EVJF and it was great, we had a blast! Very friendly staff and great entertainment. I highly recommend

Evolution 2 Lacanau, a water sports and adventure school, also offers water and land activities, to be enjoyed independently or supervised by qualified instructors.

Water activities for a bachelorette party in Lacanau:

Wakeboard & Water Ski - Electric Foil - Windsurfing - Stand up Paddle - Canoe

Land activities for a Lacanau bachelorette party:

Electric Fat bike ride - All-terrain electric scooter ride - Electric bike ride - One wheel ride - Bike rental

Contact Cécile / cecile.austinbraure@evolution2.com

From 40
price / person
Contact us !
From 40
price / person

Contact us !