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Discover the ski and the snow

Ignite your child's passion for the mountain !

At Arc 1950 and Arc 2000, initiate your little 3 and 4 years old kids to skiing thanks to our Panda club : learn how to set-up skis, take off, move, turn and stop. 

Our playful teaching snow gardens in the heart of Arc 1950 Village are especially made for them, to have fun with skis on feet with safety! 

The objective is to feel them confident on skis at the end of the week to become an official future rider, at their own pace. The groups are made of 8 to 9 children.

From Sunday to Friday or Monday to Friday, in the morning or in the afternoon, for more than 2 hours, our fun-loving kid specialists will accompany them to their progress. In the middle of the class, your kids will take the direction to a snack break at the Yeti Camp. On Friday, they will receive a beautiful Yéti medal to reward their first tracks on snow! 

Last day to start Panda lessons : Monday.

What's so cool with our school? You can mix ski lessons and kid club! 

The Yéti Camp is THE kids club in Arc 1950! Snowshoeing, sled, treasure hunt, arts and crafts, toys, games and more to enjoy the day!

Panda ski lessons are only in Arc 1950, no meeting point in Arc 2000.


 🟣 Panda : Kids beginners 3- 4 years old. Discover the sensation of sliding on snow: short descents down the slope, basic of the snow plow.

Make sure to check your level with our level guide ! You are on the wrong page ? No worries. Find below the other levels available :


Time slots



6 mornings

9:15 - 11:30


6 February mornings

9:00 - 11:15


6 afternoons

14:30 - 16:45


6 February afternoons

14:30 - 16:45


Kids club option

9:15 - 17:30 or 8:30 - 16:45


Lunch option

End of the lessons until 14:00


Departure from Arc 1950



Yeti Camp

Village Kids Club


Panda and Yeti Camp

Why don't you give the chance to your Panda to enjoy a week with the Evolution 2 universe ? 

The Yeti Camp offers you complete packages for your mini riders. 

Do not hesitate to mix ski initiation and kids club : everyday, at the Yeti Camp, outdoor activities (snowshoeing, sled, treasure hunt...) or indoor activities (games, manual activities, stories..) are offered, in half-day.

Yeti Camp is located in Arc 1950.

Panda, lunchs and Yéti Camp

Our kid-lover animators from the Yeti Camp pick your children up at the end of the ski lesson and bring them to the lunch from 12:00 to 14:00. 

Our lunchs are cooked by one of the restaurant of the Village.

Then, you can pick them up after lunch or let them stay at the Yeti Camp for a crazy and fun afternoon with friends!

Yeti Camp is located in Arc 1950.

Ski rental

Add ski rental to your booking for your kids !

Helmet included.

Insurance can be added on the spot.


Super Prof, 1st year for my son and he skis like a champion. Really very satisfied. I highly recommend, the conditions are put in place so that the children feel good.


My 3 year old loved going to ski school. "Slim" was absolutely brilliant with my little one, and he and his co-worker managed to temper his "need for speed" in a kind and informative way. I highly recommend it for children.


My son had a wonderful time skiing with Evolution 2 Arc 2000 - really developed his confidence and love of skiing :-)

Good to know

  • At this age, we advise you to take ski lessons and kids club instead of all day ski lessons. 
  • No ski lift pass is required for this level. 
  • Take advantage of our ski rental discount packages with our partner (choice option when purchasing for weekly skiing lessons ) : Spirit Sport - Ski Republic at Arc 1950 and Précision Ski at Arc 2000.


  • We recommend you to take out insurance. 
  • This activity is subject to the General Terms and Conditions.

More informations by phone or by email. 

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