DurationHalf-day, Full day
LevelBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All levels
EffortEasy, Moderate, High
LanguageFrench, English, Spanish

In the program

The programme changes every week, depending on demand and weather conditions.


7AM - 12:30AM: Approaching the animals - green level - 

1:30PM - 4:30PM: Discovering butterflies and insects - blue level - for and only for children from 6 years old - by the tourist office's animation pass


Full day "Mountain lake" Red level


1:30PM - 4:30PM: Santafé express - orientation games - blue level - for children from 9 years old - with the tourist office animation pass

7PM - 10:30PM: Apérando - blue level -


9AM - 1:30PM: Hiking/ Pilates / Brunch - blue level

2PM - 5PM : Discovering our human and cultural heritage


Day " Approaching to the glaciers " Red level

" Day for the kids " , for kids aged between 7 ans 11 years old


Green level:

Accessible to the whole family, about 100m of positive elevation changes.

Blue level:

Approximately 350m of positive changes in altitude.

Red level:

Approximately 600m of positive changes in altitude.

Black level:

+ More than 1000m of positive changes in altitude

Make sure to check your level with our level guide ! You are on the wrong page ? No worries. Find below the other levels available :


Half day


Rando/ Pilates / Brunch


Objective 3000

25 euros/ adult

45 euros/ adult

60 euros/ adult

35 euros/ adult

45 euros/ pers

15 euros/ kid

35 euros/ kid

30 euros/ kid

In the backpack

Don't forget in the bottom of the backpack

  • sun cream
  • hat/ cap
  • sunglasses
  • jacket or fleece
  • small snack or picnic
  • water

And don't forget to wear good shoes to walk!

Approaching Animals

Observing wildlife in its natural habitat is a fascinating and rewarding experience.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience in harmony with nature. 

This observation will give you a better understanding and appreciation of the diversity of wildlife, while offering you a moment of serenity and connection with the natural environment.

Approaching to the glaciers

An incredible experience that will make you feel very small in the face of the immensity of these glacial and rock formations, and will fill your eyes all day long. 

Depart early in the morning to make the most of the day and avoid the hot hours.


A rewarding experience that will enable you to :

- reconnect with nature

- enjoy an outdoor pilates session

- lost in the mountains

- enjoy a delicious brunch prepared by a friendly host.

Mountain Lake

Take a day out and lose yourself in the grandeur of nature.

Admire the incredible scenery and discover these natural lakes.

Depart early to make the most of the day and avoid the hot hours.

Day for kids

For children aged between 7 and 11 :

  • experience an Adventure
  • develop independence
  • mountain values

Full-day / half-day / Raid tailor-made

  • Create your group or not
  • tell us what you want

And we'll create your adventure(s)!


We set off in the late afternoon to enjoy the evening colours.

We enjoy a tasty aperitif at the home of a warm and welcoming host and return home with our headlamps.

A timeless moment.

Nature activities

For children aged between 6 and 11.

On the programme:

  • Perfumes and stink bombs: discover the surrounding flora
  • Hut building: become Robinson for an afternoon!
  • Discover butterflies and insects
  • Draw me the mountain
  • and lots more...

Trail initiation

Discovery of mountain running.Various circuits.

  • approximately 6 km
  • approx. 400 m ascent

You'll need trail shoes or running shoes/ rucksack with water and cereal bars/ cap/ poles or no poles.

From 25
price / person
Contact us !
From 25
price / person

Contact us !