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Which course should your child enrol for?


✅ Who is it for? For children aged 5 and over. Children with previous experience of snow, who know how to glide and the environment.

✅ What for? To learn how to stop, brake and link snowplough turns with a parallel ski return between each turn. Learn about the environment, safety and the rules of life on the slopes.


✅ Who is it for? Children able to use the ski lifts, master the snowplough turn with parallel ski crossing on a green slope or who have obtained the Petit Yeti (or equivalent).

✅ What for? Learn to link skidded turns on easy green and blue runs, the turning step on a gentle slope, skating step, direct trace across the slope (with edge grip), control of attitude and balance with poles, snowplough turn and finish with a "sudden" skid on a green run.

 Taking a closer look at the charter for good skiers :)


✅ Who is it for? Children who ski elementary sideslip turns or who have obtained Yeti 1 (or equivalent).

✅ What for? Learning rounded and banked sideslips, direct track on varied terrain over hollows and bumps, controlling the general attitude on the skis (hand position, poles knees forward), parallel turns on blue runs.

 Taking a closer look at the charter for good skiers :)


✅ Who is it for? Children able to do parallel turns on blue runs or who have obtained Yeti 2 (or equivalent).

✅ What for? Learning to make a direct track and a brake skid, using vertical movement to initiate turns, sculling on a red runway, mastering the general attitude on the front, mastering parallel turns with the use of poles on a red runway.

Taking a closer look at the charter for good skiers :)


✅ Who is it for? Children capable of sculling on a red track or who have already had the Yeti 3 (or equivalent).

✅ What for? Perfecting all types of turns on black runs.

Taking a closer look at the charter for good skiers :)

A medal is offered on Friday for young graduates during the Yetis Ceremony!


Our prices


Prices High season

Prices Low season

Monday to friday (5 days)

310 €

295 €

Sunday to friday (6 days)

350 €

345 €

Meeting place



Evolution 2 Office

Ski / Snowboard group lesson start

The Evolution 2 Sainte Foy office is located in the Intersport store.

In detail

Our schedules


Monday to Friday 5 sessions

Sunday to Friday 6 sessions

Morning sessions: 9am - 11.30am. 

Lunchtime sessions: 11.30am - 2pm only during holidays



Ski equipment and equipment not included

To remember

  • FUN learning environment enabling children to progress
  • Instructors will harmonise groups at the start of the week and possibly change participants groups during the course of the week
  • "Continuous assessment" rather than stressful end of week exams
  • All our instructors speak fluent English.

Take advantage of our good deals on equipment!

Once your reservation is validated, you will receive a confirmation email containing a reduction code for equipment hire with our partners Intersport shops.

We have 2 Intersport shops in Ste Foy!

The first one is in the Bataillette area, where the office and the Evolution 2 ski lessons are located. The second one is located in the Charmettes area "Zig zag by Intersport".

Yeti Academy

Give your children a unique learning experience by joining Yeti Academy! Group of 6 children. Our national Yeti organizes a game on the environment to end the week.

The programme is based on individual work, listening to the needs and expectations of each child. 

The week is spent in a family atmosphere, friendly and good-natured, so that your children can ski and have fun with their parents.

Everyone will leave with a nice medal. 


Our philosophy

Thanks to our small groups (4 children in the pandas and 6 in the yeti academy), our instructors provide personalised learning for your children. There is a real relationship of trust between the instructor and the child. 

Together they choose their objectives for the week.

We teach with desire and passion. But also with a great deal of curiosity to find the best way for your child to progress. We love sharing great adventures with them!

We want to see your children smiling, discovering our environment and wanting to progress a little more every day.

They'll also learn independence, confidence, respect for safety rules on and off the slopes, and mountain culture.

Nelly S

The best children's ski school

My 2 children (3.5 years old and 6.5 years old) made dazzling progress in one week in dream conditions: caring, ultra professional monitors, small groups of 6 children. The whole team was very attentive to the level and the evolution of our children during these 6 half days. Our beginner children went every morning with envy and joy, which was not the case in previous years in other resorts and ski schools. Special thanks to Sylvain and Colin.

- 📍Evolution 2 Sainte-Foy

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From 295
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