From first turns to black slopes


We offer 4 intermediate ski courses. This allows the little ones to progress at their own pace, according to their level.

Our advantages: our lessons are limited to a maximum of 8 children! This guarantees a more effective and personalized lesson.


 Thanks to this ski course, your child will improve their technique and balance on the snowy slopes. Now at ease with the basics of skiing, your little champion will become a turning pro with the help of our professional teachers.

- Level: has acquired the "Petit Yeti" level (or equivalent, snowflake), i.e.: getting up on your own after a fall, knowing how to use the ski lifts, mastering snowplow turns with skis parallel whilst traversing the green slopes.
- What they will learn: Stem turns on an easy slope, skating, traversing the slope (using edges), positioning and balance control with poles, snowplow turn and skid braking finish » on a green run.
- The place: the meeting point will be at the Panda Club * (details at the bottom of the page) in in Argentière at the foot of the Plan Joran ski lift. Then the children will go to the Chosalets beginners area (5min walk from the Panda Club).


The Evolution 2 Chamonix ski instructors will teach your child in this course to become a real skier by adopting the right position, mastering skids, working on parallel turns on blue slopes and many other pleasures! a lot of sliding fun!

- Level: has acquired the "1st Yeti" level (or equivalent, 1st star), i.e.: can do perfect skater's step, can do skid turns, knows how to do direct tracks across a slope with the ski edges.
- What they will learn: Round skid and diagonal skid, direct crossing on varied terrain with jumps and bumps, control of the general attitude on skis (position of the hands, poles and knees in front), parallel turns on blue slopes.
- The place: the meeting point will be at the Panda Club* in Argentière, at the foot of the Plan Joran ski lift.

After having validated the level of the group, the children will go on the ski slopes of the Grands Montets area, accompanied by an instructor for the length of the course.


Now the green and blue slopes are “too easy”!  Your little skier will love this ski course where he will continue to learn thanks to different techniques and more importantly whilst having fun with our passionate ski instructors!

- Level: has acquired the "2nd Yeti" level (or equivalent, 2nd star), i.e.: can easily do parallel turns on blue runs.
- What they will learn: Direct track and braking skid stops, use of upper body movement to initiate turns, bumps on red slopes, skiing posture, perfect parallel turns with use of poles on red slopes.
- The place: same as Yeti 2 course


Your child goes everywhere on the slopes and asks you "when are we going skiing?". Put a huge smile on their face and enrol them in this "Super Yeti" course. During this week they will perfect their technique and learn a bit of freestyle on a perfectly groomed and secure snowpark! The only risk? They will be asking for more!

- Level: has acquired the "3rd Yeti" level (or equivalent, 3rd star), i.e.: knows how to ski on bumps and do parallel turns on red runs.
- What they will learn: Improvement of all types of turns on black slopes, braking, introduction to carving, varying terrains, introduction to freestyle in an official and secure snowpark.


- Lunch: it is possible to have lunch on site for children doing only the morning course (outside school holidays), or full days. Please have a look at our “additional information” section at the bottom of the page.
- Number of participants: 4 to 8 children maximum per instructor.
If the minimum of 4 children is not reached, the lesson will not take place. You will then be notified 48 hours in advance.

GOOD DEAL: would you like to enjoy the mountains outside of school holidays? Think of our  Winter Games  formula that welcomes your children for a full day: skiing in the morning and fun activities in the afternoon!  Fun for the kids and and nice day out for the parents! 



Chosen formula

Rates per person

5 mornings from Monday to Friday : 9am to 11:30am

260 €

5 afternoons from Monday to Friday : 2pm to 4:30pm

220 €

5 full day with lunch

575 €

Training session on Sunday

20 €

Meeting point



Yeti 1

Ski school

Panda Club in Argentière, situated at the bottom of Grands Montets ski area

Yeti 2

Ski school

Panda Club in Argentière, situated at the bottom of Grands Montets ski area

Yeti 3

Ski school

Panda Club in Argentière, situated at the bottom of Grands Montets ski area

Super Yeti

Ski school

Panda Club in Argentière, situated at the bottom of Grands Montets ski area

To remember

Pricing conditions

This price does not include:

- The rental of your child's equipment. Reservations are possible in our partner stores
- Lift pass: "Chamonix Le Pass"

Participation conditions

  • In order to maintain the progress of the groups, it is impossible to enrol a child from Tuesday, or for a child to rejoin a group having been absent.
  • Please label your child's equipment: skis, poles and helmet.

Lunch Information

  • We ask that you book all meals before the Wednesday preceding the start of the course (no day-to-day meal reservations).
  • For children with food allergies or intolerances, please provide them with a lunch pack to have with the group at the Panda Club (we cannot grant discounts on the price as the child has a seat reserved in the chalet).
  • Specifically for school holidays: lunches during school holidays are only possible for full day lessons.

Insurance and cancellations

  • Please consult our Général Conditions of Sale to find out about our cancellation policy.
  • Insurance: Insurance is strongly recommended. There are 2 types of individual insurance to which you can subscribe when finalising your reservation (or in our offices).
    1. Cancellation:
    - This insurance covers you in the event of illness or accident preventing you from participating in your sporting activity (this must be certified by a doctor).
    - All COVID related causes are excluded.
    2. Assurski in case of an accident:
    - Assurski covers you for up to €25,000 for rescue costs in the event of a skiing accident (including off-piste) and all other snow sports.
    - No advance payment required for rescue services, including medical repatriation.
    -  Lift pass refunded up to the value of 200€
    - Ski lessons refunded up to the value of 400€

Reviews from our customers


The staff are great! My 3 year old daughter wasn't quite sure but they managed to engage her and she had a great time! The panda at the end was a bonus that she talks about a lot!


After 5 days, we had a 3 year old going down the mountains with us! Thank you!


Thank you very much to the panda club team! It was an incredible 5 days for my daughter. From the first day we saw a great progress in skiing. Now we can take her to the mountains. The organisation, coaching and location - great! I can't wait to be back next year! Thank you so much!

From 220
price / person
From 220
price / person


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