Stack all the odds in your favor and get prepared !

This training course will allow you, in just a few days, to gain all the basic technical knowledge you need to achieve your set goal : Running races, adjusting to high altitudes... A smooth acclimatization to be able to adapt your body once above 4000meters.                                                     In these suitable educational settings, where you will be correctly advised and encouraged to find the confidence and energy necessary to reach your desired summit.

Required level : Excellent physical condition - It is essential to practice a regular physical activity - previous mountaineering experience is advised.

Sample training schedule :                                                                       DAY 1 : Hike up to "Albert 1er" mountain refuge located at 2703meters altitude. Then ice school on the "Tour" glacier. Spend the night at the refuge.
DAY 2 : Glacial hike at "Tête Blanche" (3429m) or ascension of "Aiguille du Tour" (3540m). Then return to the valley and sleep in Chamonix (night in Chamonix not included in price).
DAY 3 : Departure for "Mont Blanc" from "Les Houches", via the "Bellevue" cable car. Then take the Mont Blanc train between the "Col de Voza" and the "Niz d'Aigle". Walk to the "Tête Rousse" mountain refuge located at 3167m altitude. Stay the night there.
DAY 4 : Climb to the "Goûter" refuge, via the ridge, up to 3815m altitude, then, on the same day, start ascending to Mont Blanc via the "Bosses" ridge. Stay the night at the "Goûter" mountain refuge.
DAY 5 : Return journey in the valley from the "Goûter" mountain refuge.

The schedule may be modified depending on weather conditions.

Meeting point


To be confirmed

We will contact you the day before

The meeting point will be confirmed about the weather conditions and your level.
The professionnal will contact you the day before to give you every information.


5 days Mont Blanc training course


From 2 people

1950 € per person

To remember

Pricing conditions

These rates include :
-A professional mountain guide during your journey                                                                                                                                                                        -The price of 3 nights spent in mountain refuges (Albert1er, Tête Rousse, Goûter) for you and your mountain guide in half board                                                  -Cable car prices.

These rates do not include :
-Some lunches (picnic)
-Your personal belongings


What to bring

Technical equipment : 45 Litre backpack, mountaineering boots, crampons, walking poles, ice pick, climbing harness and a helmet (these items can be rented at our partner sport store : Sanglard
Clothing : hiking pants, winter jacket, thin fleece jacket, windproof jacket, gloves, balaclava / beanie, pair of tights, long sleeve T-shirt, underwear, socks and changing clothes... 
Additional equipment : Sunglasses, sunscreen, food and drinks, headlamp, sleeping bag, first-aid kit, toiletries kit, ski mask.

Ropes and safety equipment.

Cancellation conditions

-For all Pre-booked activities :
• 72 hours prior : 50% of the total price refund
• 48 hours prior : No refund

Due to Covid, we have eased our cancellation conditions with a full refund up to 72 hours prior to the activity. In the event of a lock down or if the borders are closed, you will receive a full refund up to 24 hours prior to the activity. If you have contracted Covid, we will refund all your reserved activities upon presentation of a medical certificate.


Except for the legal insurance in civil liability, our activities do not involve individual insurance. However, to be covered financially in the event of a injury or an accident (Evacuation, transport, repatriation...) you can subscribe to the Evolution 2 Assistance card, which covers you 100% on all Evolution 2 activities.

Additional information

- Ideal period of the year : From June to September
- Three conditions must be gathered to ensure our chances of success : Good weather conditions, a good physical condition and flexibility within our schedule (this suggested schedule will be followed through if it remains the most successful path to our ascension)
-Climbing "Mont Blanc" requires an excellent physical condition. It is essential to practice a regular physical activity : running, bike riding...
-If for various reasons (weather, physical fitness etc...) and if your mountain guide believes that reaching the summit of Mont Blanc is not possible during the 5 day program he will then suggest the ascension to a different summit of over 4000m in altitude.
-Our priority is to ensure your security. We will also care for the best outcome of your set goals for this journey and the quality of the connection between you and your mountain guide.
-If you do not reach the top, no refund will be permitted.
-In the case of bad weather conditions, the mountain guide will suggest a different summit, but you will have no claims to compensation.

From 1950
price / person
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From 1950

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