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Which course should you enroll in ?


✅  For who ? For absolute beginners who have never skied.

✅  For what You will learn to side-step and 'duck walk' with your skis, cross a slope with parallel skis, control your body position, bring your skis back to parallel after each snowplough turn, and pick yourself up after a fall.



✅  For who ? You have already done 1 to 2 weeks of skiing, you know how to cross a slope with your skis parallel, control your position, bring your skis parallel between each turn and get up after a fall. 

✅  For what ? You will learn to adapt your body position according to the terrain, slide your skis, progress towards parallel skiing on red slopes, and be able to slide to a stop.



✅  For who ? You have been skiing for several years and are able to ski parallel on red runs, change your position according to the terrain, skid everywhere and be autonomous.

✅  For what ? You will learn how comfortably slide your skis on all slopes, make quick parallel turns, understand the different ways to turn (carving, etc), experiment with easily accessible off-piste, and control speed and position on all kinds of terrain.



✅  For who ? You have a good level of skiing, on all types of terrain (make small parallel ski turns). .

✅  For what ? You wish to learn about off-piste safety equipment, become comfortable with balance and body position in the air, experiment with fresh tracks off-piste, and adapt to different snow and terrain conditions



Low season

High season

Sunday to Tuesday 9am to 11:30am



Roches Noires chairlift



Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

To remember

🔎 Our method

- All our instructors speak English.

- Instructors will harmonise groups at the start of the week.

- Our small groups of a maximum of 8 persons respect your rate of progress.


📍Meeting point

Meeting point at the Roches Noires chairlif in La Rosière.


✚ What to bring : 

Skis + Ski boots + Gloves + Googgles or sunglasses + Ski pass + Poles

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From 130
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