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In which lesson should your child be enrolled ?


✅  For who ? Children able of using the ski lifts, mastering the snowplough turn with parallel ski crossing on a green slope or who have acquired Petit Yeti (or equivalent).

✅  For what ? Learn the basic principles of turning on gentle slopes; lifting the inside ski, edging the ski, skating, balancing with poles, coming to a sliding stop at the end of a snowplough turn, and experimenting with a hockey stop on green slopes.



✅  For who ? Children who ski in basic skidded turns or who have obtained the Yeti 1 (or equivalent).

✅  For what ? Learn sliding turns, controlled skiing across varied terrain, good body position (arms, poles, knees), and will finish with parallel turns on blue slopes.



✅  For who ? Children able of making parallel turns on a blue slope or who have acquired Yeti 2 (or equivalent).

✅  For what ? Learn to make a direct trace and controlled braking, using vertical body movement to start turns, quick turns on red slopes, advanced forward body position, mastery of parallel turn with use of poles on red slopes.



✅  For who ? Children able of making quick turns on red slopes or who have acquired Yeti 3 (or equivalent).

✅  For what ? Perfection of all types of turns on black slopes.



9am to 11:30am low season

9am to 11:30am high season

2pm to 4:30pm (december 24 to january 5)

2:30pm to 5pm (february 11 to march 8)

YETI 1 : Sunday (or monday) to friday





YETI 2 - SUPER YETI : YETI 1 : Sunday (or monday) to friday





Roches Noires chairlift



Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

Roches noires

Meeting point la Rosière

To remember

🎿 Equipment

✚ What to bring

  • Skis + Ski boots + Poles + Helmet mandatory
  • Gloves + Googgles or sunglasses + A neck warmer + Sunscreen
  • Ski pass
  • Water + Snack (in your pocket)
  • From Yeti 2 : 12€ in the pocket for wednesday or thursday pizza

📍Meeting point

Meeting point at the Roches Noires chairlif in La Rosière.

Staying in Les Eucherts? We pick up and drop off your children directly in front of your home with our Evolution 2 shuttle.


🍴Greedy Yeti : Want to enjoy the ski area without time constraints? Let us take care of your children at lunch time. 


😜 Ski fun (From the 2nd Yeti level) : We accompany the children in the playful discovery of new environments (competition on the boardercross, challenge in the snowpark...). When? On the day off.


❄️ DVA park (From the 2nd Yeti level) : We include a fun introduction to the avalanche beacon park in our weekly programme. Equipped with avalanche transceivers, your children go in search of beacons buried under the snow.The aim of this half-day is to make your child aware of the practice of skiing while having fun.

Not to be missed !

🏅Medal ceremony,  in front of the tourist office, on Friday at 6pm.


From Yeti 2, the courses are organized as follows :

Morning course

  • Sun, Mon, Tue, Fri from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • On Wednesday there are no classes
  • Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (day in Italy, bring €12 in your pocket for the meal)

Afternoon course :

  • Sun, Mon, Tue, Fri from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. or from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. (depending on the period chosen)
  • Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (day in Italy, allow €12 in your pocket for the meal)
  • On Thursday there are no classes

📝 Participation conditions

  • Your child must be 3 years old minimum.
  • All children are welcome! Please let us know if your child has a disability in order to adapt as well as possible

🔎 Our method

  • Instructors will harmonise groups at the start of the week.
  • "Continuous assessment" rather than stressful end of week exams
  • All our instructors speak English.
  • Our small groups of a maximum of 8 children respect their rate of progress.

They talk about us...


We were welcomed very warmly. Solutions were quickly found so that my children could both ski in class in the morning. Top instructors (Steeve for the littlest Valentin for the biggest) I recommend +++. The ski trip in Italy is very much my son's favorite. The two ski instructors were very patient and educational. I highly recommend Evolution2.

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