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For all children, all levels, an Evolution 2 mountain bike course!

What is a mountain biking course?

It's 3 half-days supervised by a mountain bike guide, dedicated to your children !

The aim is to learn how to handle a muscular mountain bike in a fun way, with practical exercises adapted to their level. The motto of this course: learn while having fun! 🚵

Here are the three courses that will delight your children:

🟢Know how toride in the mountains (9am to 12pm)

Discover mountain biking and have fun at the same time, from age 6!

  • Ride on more or less technical trails
  • Learn to position yourself according to the terrain
  • Ride safely with other riders

With the aim of making mountain biking accessible and popular👽

Rental options for 3 days: 

  • Semi-rigid bike from 20" to 24" with protection (helmet/gloves/waders) -> €70 
  • Semi-rigid bike XS to L with protections (helmet/gloves/warmers) -> €120

Both rentals include bike delivery to meeting point ( Evo 2 office )

🟡Initiation enduro (2pm to 5pm)

Do you want to ride a real mountain bike and experience intense sensations? Tired of long, never-ending flats? If you're at least 9 years old, then you've come to the right place!

The program includes

  • Learning to ride a mountain bike
  • First downhill tracks
  • Pumptrack

We'll do our best in 3 days!💪🏼

Rental options for 3 days: 

  • XS to XL full-suspension bike with helmet/gloves/wadguard protection -> 200€.
  • Full-suspension bike 24 inches with protection (helmet/gloves/warmers) -> €110
  • Semi-suspended bike from 20" to 24" with helmet/gloves/rubber protection -> €70 
  • Semi-rigid bike XS to L with protection (helmet/gloves/warmers) -> €120 

All 4 rentals include bike delivery to meeting point ( Evo 2 office )

🟠Perfectionnement enduro (14h à 17h & toisième jour de 10h à 17h)

A course that will require a lot of energy for a lot of fun:

  • Improving your technique on hairpins
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Trajectory
  • Your attitude

Continuous riding over 3 days!🏅

On this course, the third day is a full day, from 10am to 5pm. Minimum age 14.

3-day rental option including delivery: 

  • Full-suspension bike from XS to XL with protection (helmet/gloves/knee pads) -> €200 
  • Full-suspension bike 24 inches with protection (helmet/gloves/warmers) -> €110

Groups will be made according to the following ages:

1️⃣ From 6 to 10 years: 6 children maximum from 20 to 27 inches in bike size

2️⃣ 11 to 15 years: 6 children maximum, S to M bike size.

The starting days of the courses are adaptable, so if the ones proposed at the time of booking don't suit you, please contact us to see the different options: 04 50 55 54 55, planning.saintgervais@evolution2.com. 

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Mountain riding skills


Enduro initiation


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🟢Knowing how to ride in the mountains

🟢Knowing how to ride in the mountains

🟡 Initiation enduro

🟡 Initiation enduro

🟠 Enduro & DH advanced training

🟠 Enduro & DH advanced training

Keep in mind


Children from 6 to 15 years of age accepted (groups separated by age on the course).

🟢Know how toride: from age 6.

  • How to stand on a bike without wheels
  • How to pedal
  • Control your speed
  • Learn the first rules of bicycle safety.

🟡Initiationenduro & DH : from 9 years old.

  • How to stand on a bike without wheels
  • Know how to pedal
  • Control your speed
  • Be comfortable mountain biking & have a penchant for enduro & DH mountain biking. It is not necessary for the child to know how to ride DH or enduro, we are on an introductory course.

🟠Perfectionnementenduro & DH: from age 12.

  • Comfortable with mountain biking / DH / enduro
  • Have an appetite for downhill mountain biking & be comfortable with mountain bike sensations.
  • Be comfortable riding mountain bikes on carossable roads and narrow, smooth trails. If you bring your own mountain bike, it must be an all-suspension in good condition.

For the full-day course, please bring a picnic lunch for your child, not included.

A waiver will be presented to you at the start of the course for image rights.


For the mountain bike package: mountain bikes are not included.

For the introductory & advanced Dh & enduro offers: children can bring their own bikes, or take the rental option.

What to bring: sports trainers, sportswear, cycling gloves, water bottle into a bag.

All about Bike stage ⤵️

A completely safe course 🧘: Your children will be supervised by a qualified professional with a pedagogical approach and a strong commitment. 

Level guide 🎚️: if you think your child is not at the right level to take part in one of our courses, we recommend that you choose a private lesson beforehand to determine his or her level and help him or her make personalized progress.   

Appropriate equipment 🚴: Your child must have a bike: his own or one that we offer for hire. The same applies to helmets, gloves and protective gear, which we supply directly.

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Any special requirements? 🗒️ Your child has an intolerance, allergy or particular specificity that the supervising professional should be aware of, please contact us on 04 50 55 54 55 or by email planning.saintgervais@evolution2.com. 

The goal of the mountain bike course 💪: Progress and cohesion will be the main word of the stage !

Location 📍: During the course, we'll be doing circuits in Megève and Saint-Gervais. This children's course will be close to Annecy, Geneva and Chamonix. 

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From 144
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