Duration3 days
Groupe size1, 8
LanguageFrench, English

Treat yourself to a summer adventure!

Accompanied by a qualified mountain guide, set off on a three-day tour of the Fizs and enjoy an exhilarating experience in magnificent, unspoilt surroundings...🌟

Your program 

DAY 1⛰️

Departure: start your trip at plaine joux and head for the Alfred Wills hut at the foot of Lac d'Anterne

Evening meal, overnight stay and next day's picnic included in the price. 

DAY 2 🏞️

Evolve through the day to reach the Platé hut, where you'll spend the night. 

Evening meal, overnight stay and next-day picnic included in the price. 

DAY 3🔃

Return to the plaine joux through a mineral landscape and complete your epic journey!

This detailed program certainly didn't convince you... Here you'll find the complete program explaining each stage of the tour with precise data: 

  • Walking time🕦
  • Elevation gain🎢
  • Photos 📸

Once you've discovered everything, contact us as soon as possible to take part in the adventure on the dates you want... Refuges quickly become victims of their own success, and places are scarce. If the dates you'd like are no longer available, we'll be able to offer you alternative routes for a successful Tour des Fizs! 


3 days guide + night + lunch/diner


From 420
price / person
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From 420
price / person

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