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Private lessons at Peisey Vallandry

Private lessons

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Ado camp - Peisey Vallandry

Adolescents ski courses - Junior Academy

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Ski Touring - collective initiation during

Ski Touring - collective initiation during

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Ski courses for children - Peisey Vallandry

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I wanted to express my thanks to you, Jerome and Alexander for the lessons our girls had last week. They had a fantastic time and their skiing has really progressed over the week
I’m sure we will be back!


Great ski lessons for our two 7 and 9 year old boys!
They are delighted!
Thank you!

The + :
- Big progression
- Security
- Good quality/price ratio
- The services


We loved this moment sharing it is so good to learn to ski in private lessons, in addition with such pleasant and patient instructors it is very appreciable I highly recommend.
The quality of the teaching and the knowledge of the region are amazing !


Monitors with excellent communication with children

Justin and Freya

Thank you for arranging the lesson with Alex which was excellent.

We hope to return and book more lessons with you.

Best wishes

Justin and Freya


We have booked 3 private lessons for 2 children of 4 years. Much progress, format of lessons 1h30 enough at this age. Good contact with the instructor (Olivier) and flexibility at the meeting places.


The children have progressed and are delighted with their week of classes.
"We’re going to miss Jerome," said Brune. Thanks to you and nice continuation.


My daughter had classes with Alex she is disabled, she thanks all the team and especially Alex, Oceane has a smile on her lips talking about her classes 😉 we hope to come back next year!


A very good teacher , gerome , thank you , Malou , Femke and Chantal


My partner and friend enjoyed their lessons. As beginners, they progressed quickly, and by the end of the week were confidently tackling churned up red runs.


We had a brilliant time improving our skiing with Olivier. He was amazing- so patient, so calm and so kind with my daughter. Our confidence improved beyond measure because we learned so much. Thank you so much Olivier we really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely book with you again.

Annie B

A very nice team of professionals! Very attentive to the needs, really courses à la carte and personalized.


Quick contact, courteous and efficient. Availability on the eve of our stay and a snowboard instructor (Olivier) at TOP!
It is a no-fault.
Thanks to the whole team


Sense of hospitality, kindness, competence, professionalism, adaptability, in short the top!!
Finished the ESF, in the future we will trust Evolution 2


Alex took our four boys from 9 to 11 for two days. They came back with great enthusiasm! They learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The organization thought about where we would take the kids back. It was worth it! Thanks Alex!


Thank you for the release tonight, we were delighted and discovered thanks to you a new activity that allowed us to have an even more global vision of your site.

We were also delighted with the support provided by Alex, good luck, very friendly, Lionel.

Maxime et Michael

We followed the activities with evo2, and frankly we enjoyed my son and me.
great ski touring experience with Véro
we even did 3 times of the E trot with Alex , Hugo and Jérome.
You really have a great team at evo2 Peisey Vallandry.
This summer for other activities.
Maxime and Michael


I simply loved it!! welcome
short initiation, easy to take in hand the scooter, nice ride too!


Fantastic initiation, equipment included!


My teenage son, after a first experience of ski touring, could change group to make a real mountain outing. It was cooked at the end, it seems, but super happy and proud to have exceeded.
Many thanks for the support, responsiveness and kindness!
You will see us again:)


A very nice outing with a competent instructor and teacher. We recommend without hesitation! Thank you


Home, technical approach, frames very nice and very pro. impeccable value for money! It’s crazy, when you meet the right people (Véronique...) who likes what they do like all congratulations


The staff was very friendly.
Good pedagogy.
Good coaching.
Varied outings on a half-day or full day


Thanks to the office team for the advice in the choice of activity.
Thanks also to Jérôme who taught me the basics of ski touring and I was able to surpass myself.
Good luck to all !!


Rafting in family with our 2 daughters 10 and 13 years old + another family. Awesome ML accompanist, who made us do crazy stuff safely.
Super organization. Highly recommend

Nicolas R

Unforgettable rafting trip on the Doron de Bozel.
Exceptional setting.
Full of emotion.
Excellent monitor.

Cristelle V

Made with our two 9-year-old daughters, the whole family to adore the big and small.
A great site super guide Mario,
Thanks Evo2 and Mario great memories for us


A superb activity not to be missed.
My boys were happier.
Explanations and support at the TOP!!!
I let them go safely.
All equipment is provided.
Thank you

Adeline M

We did the great rafting descent on the Isère with Alexis, our guide. Super nice and very competent! He answered all our questions and made us discover the surroundings of Landry.
I recommend Evo2, they are super pro!


Rafting discovery simply genial. We live in the United States, and have already rafted several times with our 9 and 10 kids and Evolution2 is far more awesome. We loved it. It’s not boring for a second, Romane was great, the stops to jump in the water super nice, the fabulous place.


an organization at the top in a beautiful place. A smiling team, with care for all. Very professional team and a perfect instructor! Thanks to the whole team!
Three-hour descent for my little girl, for whom it was the first time! she loved it!
To perfect everything, a good small restaurant, on site, where we ate well with a very pleasant service!
To redo, during our next stay!


A very good family experience, we did the rafting descent of 2h30. The staff was very nice and very pleasant. We had to put on full suits (short sleeve suit + long sleeve vest + water shoes) We had lifejackets and helmets and the descent was very nice, there were quiet moments and other more sporting moments. The rapids were fun but we expected more. I recommend to give it his time as it was very fun and family


e took a rafting descent of 2:15/30 on the Isère. Mega awesome and super well organized! The base in Landry is very nice, clean, equipped with showers and cabins to change. Also possibility to eat. We received complete equipment from head to toe, the safety instructions were very clear and our Evolution2 Hervé was at the top. At no time did we feel insecure. Yet we were able to experience great sensations including the possibility for those who wish to jump more than 5m high in the Isere (no obligation). A unique experience that we will repeat during our next stay in Les Arcs.

Coutard G

Superb rafting experience with a beautiful landscape and super nice water with quiet parts and some nice fast with passage in gorges. We had taken the longest circuit of about 15kms.
Special kudos to our guide ML, a super nice guy and filled with good humor.


Very good afternoon rafting with Theo, real sensations!
Very good atmosphere!

Lo B

To do absolutely! Our guide Mario is great! Experienced he put us at ease immediately and allowed us to pass the difficulties calmly and with humor! Thank you!


feet in the water
Very nice rafting experience with our 2 children of 10 and 14 years.
Top management… thank you Rémi
Nice atmosphere in the structure
The place is very well arranged with optimal organization.
Many activities on offer. Dining area on site.
Do and Do


Very well I recommend for small and big! And above all good very kind companion
! The water is a bit cold but its pass with the suits!


We had a great time for a 2h30 descent in rafting with ML, guide at the top that makes the descent very playful with good sensations! We recommend ML!!!! Thanks to him!!!


Super baby raft descent in family Thomas 6 years old, Tristan 9 years old accompanied by Hugo who put them in confidence. We recommend this center and of course Hugo thanks again to him for this excellent descent!

David G

Family rafting (couple with a 16 years old teenager and a 12 years old girl) at the top, very well supervised and perfectly secure.
Pure pleasure in a river that provides real sensations.
Super structure (shower, changing rooms, toilet, restaurant) with smiling and pleasant staff.
A special mention for Vincent and Victor who are two great guides, friendly, funny and who know the place and their job perfectly.
If you want to have a good time with an exceptional activity, I highly recommend Evolution 2.


Great experience with Vincent in guide/mono on hydrospeed and rafting the next day 👌 A good combo playful and safe with valves every 15 seconds: we like, we recommend and we will come back 🤪
Thanks for the reviews of Snatch and FMJacket punchlines!!

Team Valentin, Bradé coupé & co


Great rafting outing with children in the Doron. Nice welcome, professional coaching. Third release with Evolution2, another great experience.


Great time spent between father and son. for a first approach to rafting for my 8 year old son, was genial
His only regret is that it happened so quickly. thank you


It is with some reluctance (not to say a real fear ...) that I embarked with my two daughters 19 and 12 years old in this descent on the Isère in rafting yesterday with Evolution2. Alex who guided us and kindly rescued me after an unexpected fall, manages his passengers wonderfully, with humor and kindness, the landscape is beautiful and despite the cold water and the cold outside temperature too, we had a great time, rich in emotions, sharing, laughter and discovery.
Great welcome, very good support, bravo!


Superb rafting descent. We had an extraordinary family time! Great sensations!
Ps: well favored by a very good guide = Vincent is the best guide in the world 😉


Very good course with some quick to negotiate well. Our guide Olivier did his job well and throughout the course we were well informed. This descent is absolutely necessary!


We’ve been through the Doron.
Pleasant and technical.
Nature in its raw state.
A bit short.40 minutes of descent.


Rafting on the family discovery trail (with 2 children aged 10 and 14). There were 7 of us on the boat.
Very well supervised, very nice instructor (Olivier Dutt) who made us discover the pleasure of this sport and the charm of Isère.
The children (like the parents) appreciated the eddies of the torrent, and the "shocks" on the traps of the course.
No difficulty, accessible to beginners on this discovery course. The complete equipment provided by the club makes it possible not to get cold in the water (because possibility to swim on some quieter passages).


Very friendly team, but the rafting descent was too short, duration of the descent 1/2 hour at most.


Fabulous experience made with my 3 sons, Thanks to Hugo, his pedagogy, his good humor, and his professionalism.
It was great, I advise anyone who wants adrenaline with safety.
Daniel, Lino, Garris and Arsène


A team of shock listens to your desires to live beautiful adventures
Rafting at the top with a beautiful experience, mountain bike outing for the discovery of beautiful landscapes
An extra paragliding service and what to say about hydrospeed...
All of course associated with a magical welcome and throat of smiles


Great place for activities, we did a great HVS.... picnic tables shaded with or without catering service, top staff with superb atmosphere of monitors, activities and quality equipment. Their cottages are great and not far from the place of activities. The whole group loved this place and highly recommend it.


A superb and pretty rafting descent with its lot of adventures.
The water is cool, it’s nice with the combi.
The very active phases alternate well with calmer moments, the time to enjoy a little of the nature that surrounds us.
Great guide, great moments: thank you Hervé.


Family rafting at the top! First great experience for the whole family. Super general organization and super ML guide that we highly recommend!!! We will come back to try other activities with great pleasure.


We made the full descent of Isère in rafting. The guide (Rico) was super friendly, affordable and giving very interesting explanations. I highly recommend this activity


We have just made the full descent of the Isère in rafting. It was an excellent afternoon, 2 good hours of descent. The children loved us too. And we had a top guide, thanks to ML for making us live his passion, so British.


Good experience in Rafing on the Doron de Bozel and in Canyon (red water)
Competent, caring and fun companions.
A well-run organization of Tel’s command taking until the end of the activity.


Thanks Rico! We really laughed!
Rico also took our request into account when he was told that one of our teammates was afraid of the water.
Very pro! Very fun!


well back in anjou, really loved the raftiing, with rico on Saturday, August 19

Dad not knowing how to swim or not at all that I did not know, stayed in the shade next to the ping pong table, and is not bored, it was a beautiful day the last of our vacation.

we will return and this time the hydrospeed , before being too old for all these sports activities.

there is a great atmosphere at home , and nice facilities , clean , well organized, your employees are really nice.

Sarah F

Great afternoon of rafting with the family, including 2 sporty teens!

A fantastic rafting session with Eli who guided us through the rapids with efficiency and good cheer. I highly recommend it for those who love whitewater sports and thrill-seeking adventures...


Rafting 2h30

A very good experience with the family, we did the 2.5-hour rafting descent. The staff was very kind and pleasant. We had to wear full suits (short-sleeved suit + long-sleeved vest + water shoes). We were provided with life jackets and helmets, and the descent was very enjoyable, with both calm moments and more sporty ones. The rapids were fun, but we expected more. I recommend allocating enough time for it as it was very enjoyable and family-friendly.

Mrn Bsm

Top. We couldn't do hydrospeed on the Isère due to the water flow, so we went rafting instead. It was amazing, with lots of rapids. The guides are really friendly, especially in this heat. I highly recommend this place 👍


Amazing rafting trips!

Sorry for leaving another super positive review, but it couldn't be any other way! We started with a family rafting trip (kids aged 9 and 11) with Vincent as our guide. He immediately got the group (6 people) into the activity: explaining the equipment, safety instructions, and then we just enjoyed! The trip was fantastic and thrilling, especially for the kids who were doing it for the first time.

My husband and I loved it so much that we went for a longer (3 hours) and more intense trip. Again, it was an amazing experience! The reasons: the Isère River and Vincent. The Isère is varied (the beautiful gorges are a highlight) and sporty. As for Vincent, he is very professional, makes you feel safe, and is really nice too!

The base is well set up, friendly, with good food and great music. In short, you can go there with your eyes closed!


Afternoon at the top !


Thank you again for this 4-day weekend at the top. You gave us a treat, and that’s what we came for.

Mélanie Gaboriaud

Great instructor for paintball! We highly recommend it.


Seminar of 50 people and it was high level! Day to top thank you


We were super happy to have lessons with Evolution2 courses Peisey-Vallandry for them children.
We appreciated
- the shuttle from Plan peisey!
- the sympathy of the monitors
- their professionalism too!
- small number of children/monitor

Many thanks


My grandson was delighted and very proud of his Yeti 1. Many thanks to Jérôme for teaching him the basics. I will recommend your school with great pleasure for the reception in your offices as well as the reception of children at the foot of the slopes and your seriousness.
Thank you again and see you next year


Group lessons very well supervised with a small number of children, my grandson loved it, a big thank you to Jerome who took the time to do a debriefing after each course👍 a big thank you also to the team where the welcome is very friendly.


Sense of hospitality, kindness, competence, professionalism, adaptability, in short the top!!
Finished the ESF, in the future we will trust Evolution 2

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