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Learn to let go!

Discover a new relaxation experience straight from Finland. Lie down in a frozen lake wearing a wetsuit for an extraordinary moment of relaxation. Floating in outdoor sensory isolation allows you to totally reconnect with nature and enjoy a unique moment of well-being.

As you gaze out over the surrounding mountains, take in the magnificent scenery, feel the sun caress your face or the snowflakes gently fall on you. At night, the experience under the stars is simply magical.

Let yourself be tempted by this unique experience!




Ice floating by day

55€ / person

Ice floating by night

70€ / person

Meeting point



Meeting point Ice Diving

Tignes le Lac, next to the swimming pool "le Lagon"

Accessible on foot from Tignes le Lac centre or by free shuttle bus. Bus stop "Tignespace"

Meeting point Ice Diving

Tignes le Lac, next to the swimming pool "le Lagon"

Accessible on foot from Tignes le Lac centre or by free shuttle bus. Bus stop "Tignespace"

To remember

Participation conditions

  • Accessible to all and to children aged 10 and over (accompanied), minimum 1.55m
  • Duration of activity: 1 hour in total, including 30-45 minutes of relaxation in the water
  • The slots are private (1 to 6 people maximum)
  • Night ice floating requires a minimum of 2 participants.

Organisation and equipment

  • The activity is supervised, under the responsibility of a state-certified or qualified instructor.
  • All equipment is provided, including a wetsuit adapted to the water temperature. 
  • You'll be warmly equipped in a chalet!
  • You'll need ski clothing and warm technical underwear (lycra, tights and thick socks), as well as a ski mask or sunglasses.

Insurance info and cancellation

  • Flexible Sales Conditions
  • Insurance: Insurance is strongly recommended.
  • You can subscribe when finalising your reservation to an individual cancellation insurance : ASSURMIX. This insurance covers you in the event of illness or accident preventing you from participating in your sporting activity (this must be certified by a doctor).

Credits photos

Copyright photo: Andyparant.com

Are we really going to swim in the lake in the middle of winter?

The idea of floating in frozen lakes was born out of a quest for well-being and vitality. A few decades ago, the Finns discovered that immersion in icy water had beneficial effects on blood circulation, the immune system and relaxation. 

 Over time, Ice Floating has evolved to include special isothermal suits that allow participants to float comfortably while being exposed to the winter elements. 

 Today, Ice Floating has become a popular recreational activity in winter destinations such as Tignes, offering a unique experience combining wellbeing and relaxation in an extraordinary natural setting. At evolution2 we know that ski holidays are not always relaxing... So come and enjoy a REAL relaxing break on the Lac de Tignes. Those who have experienced it will be able to confirm it! It's a very relaxing experience...

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From 55
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