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Duration1h, 1h30
Groupe size8
LevelAll levels
LanguageFrench, English

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Mountain biking initiation for our young people! 🚲

Does your child know how to ride a bike and want to learn about the sensational delights of mountain biking?! 

Equipped with a bike adapted to the mountains, they will discover the pleasure of small bumps and banked turns, while learning the basic technics.

Our qualified mountain bike instructors will delight your little ones, the aim is to learn while having fun, and in complete safety! !


To each his own:

➡️ Ti'Pilote 

This course is aimed at children aged 4 to 5, who are able to pedal and want to start learning to ride a bike. No more draisienne! 

This 1-hour course is designed for the youngest children, measuring between 1.05 and 1.15 metres and a bike size of 16'. The 16' bikes are semi-suspended, ideal for beginners. Exercises are performed on flat surfaces and small, adapted modules.

➡️ Pilote 

This course is aimed at children aged 6 to 8 who are able to ride a bike and want to start learning to mountain bike.

This 1.5-hour course is designed for older children, measuring between 1.15 and 1.42 metres, with a bike size of 20' or 24'. These fully suspended bikes are perfect for getting to grips with the first bumps and corners. The exercises take place on a variety of terrain with modules and a small track with a slight incline.

This introduction to mountain biking will also help find out if they are ready for the slopes accessible by ski lift... !

➡️ The last ride

That's it! Your child has achieved the Pilote level and has learned the basic techniques of mountain biking. On the advice of the supervisor, it's time to go and play in the big leagues. 

How does it work? Grab your gear, get on your bike and set off on the "last descent", for 1h30 course. Head to the bike park at the end of the day for your first real descent. The route will obviously be adapted to the level of the group. No fear, just fun.


💡 Did you know? 

Not sure about your child's level? Don't hesitate to use our level guide!



1 session

Cycling initiation 4-5 yrs old - 1h00

30€ per child

Mountain biking initiation - 1h30

35€ per child

The last ride (1h30)

35€ per child / 90€ private lesson

Meeting point


Meeting point Tignes le Lac

Evolution 2 office Tignes le Lac

By foot
By free shuttle, Toviere stop

Meeting point Tignes le Lac

Evolution 2 office Tignes le Lac

By foot
By free shuttle, Toviere stop

Meeting point Tignes le Lac

Evolution 2 office Tignes le Lac

By foot
By free shuttle, Toviere stop

To remember

Participation conditions

  • Minimum height & age: from  4 yrs old, 1m05 (0.8 ft)
  • Know how to ride a bike without side wheels
  • No previous mountain bike experience is necessary
  • A deposit (by bank print) of 150€ to 350€ will be required per bike

Organisation and safety

  • The activity is supervised under the responsibility of a state certified or state graduate instructor
  • Our group sessions are organised by level and experience so that everyone progresses at their own pace
  • A minimum of participants is required


  • A bike, an helmet, protectors, an outer-wear jersey and gloves are provided
  • Make sure you wear suitable sportswear and good trainers (without studs)

Insurance info and cancellation

  • For details of our Terms and Conditions of Sale : Click HERE
  • Insurance is highly recommended! Assurmix offers you to add an cancellation insurance at the end of your order to cover you in the event of unforeseen circumstances or interruption of your activities

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