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What is speedriding? It's a sport that combines skiing and paragliding. With the help of a light sail, the aim is to go down the slope by mixing moments of sliding with phases of flight. 

Enjoy the pleasure of skiing, and with a glimpse of the glider, fly down another side of the mountain, that's speedriding! Take advantage of this moment to fill up on sensations. It's an opportunity to discover the slope from another angle.

The training spot is located on an easy and safe off-piste ground for learning. 

Our instructors, Manuel Bréchignac and Martin Rebord are our experts in this field and will guide you in the best possible way. 

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Private session 4 hours (max 5 people)

426€ 1 to 3 pax / 40€ per additional person

Private session 6 hours (max 5 people)

600€ 1 to 3 pax / 40€ per additional person

Meeting point


Ski & Snowboard lessons Tignes Val claret

At the snow front, outside our office

Pedestrian access from Tignes Val Claret or by free shuttle bus from le Lac. Bus stop "Les Platières"

Ski & Snowboard lessons Tignes Val claret

At the snow front, outside our office

Pedestrian access from Tignes Val Claret or by free shuttle bus from le Lac. Bus stop "Les Platières"

To remember

Participation conditions

  • Participants aged from min. 16 years or older
  • Under 18's must have parental permission
  • You must be confident skiing on black slope
  • Off-piste experience is compulsary
  • Private lessons have a maximum of 5 participants (similar experience)

Organisation and Safety

  • The activity is supervised, under the responsibility of a state certificate or state diploma (skiing and paragliding)
  • Each participant must take out insurance with the instructor before the activity (to be brought in cash)
  • Participants and instructors are equipped with radios to be in direct and instant communication with each other during the activity
  • The choice of terrain is at the discretion of the instructors, the vast majority of the time the activity will be carried out at Grand-pré


  • Bring your own skis (all-mountain or off-piste skis are ideal) and a lift pass Tignes & Val d'Isère
  • Helmets are compulsory and back protection is recommended
  • An insurance will has to be provided in addition

Insurance info and cancellation

  • Flexible Sales Conditions
  • Insurance: Insurance is strongly recommended.
  • You can subscribe when finalising your reservation to an individual cancellation insurance : ASSURMIX. This insurance covers you in the event of illness or accident preventing you from participating in your sporting activity (this must be certified by a doctor).

It's 100% French! Did you know?

Speed riding is a relatively new sport, which emerged in the early 2000s. It emerged from the combination of two well-established disciplines: skiing and paragliding. The idea was to combine the fast descent of snow-covered slopes with the ability to gain height using a small paraglider wing. 

The beginnings of speed riding are often attributed to pioneers with a passion for extreme sports, such as François Bon and Valéry Montant in France. They experimented with this unique fusion of skiing and paragliding, paving the way for a new aerial adventure. Over the years, the sport has grown in popularity, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Today, speed riding is practised in suitable mountain areas, offering thrill-seekers a unique way of hurtling down snow-covered slopes, the aim being to play with the mountain's relief interspersed with short phases of flight. The equipment has also evolved to meet the specific needs of this hybrid sport, with paragliders specially designed for speed riding.

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From 426
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