Groupe size8
EffortHigh, Intense
LanguageFrench, English

About the activity

  • 120 children / teenagers aged 7 to 17.
  • 15 groups of different levels.
  • 1,500 hours of lessons given (season program, weekend and holiday training, physical preparation, training of school groups, coaching and management of competition groups).
  • 15 instructors dedicated to the Freeride Club who follow their group during the season and some for several years.
  • Learning to freeride in optimal safety by reinforcing the essential alpine technical bases and all the concepts of risks related to the practice as well as the teaching of safety rules.
  • Shooting of a film "TRANSMISSON" during the winter of 2017/2018, scheduled for the "Montagne en scène" and "High Five" ski film festivals.

Our prices



The season from

695 €

Meeting place


Crêt du Merle

Meet off piste and freeride

Meet at the bottom of the Crêt du Merle chairlift

In detail


For this activity, please bring a helmet, a ski lift access pass, ski / snowboard equipment and equipment. These services are not included in the course price.

Our Schedules


Season club, hourly volume of around 70h to 80h from December to the end of April. Program on request and technical test to join the group corresponding to your level. We also offer some freeride groups for adults (program and prices on request).

From 695
price / person
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From 695
price / person

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