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In the program

Let yourself be tempted by the snowshoeing experience ! We offer a program that can be adapted to your wishes and the conditions in the mountains: ( FULL PROGRAMM )

Reak from nature. Get away from the ski slopes and set off on a snowshoe walk accompanied by a mountain professional.

For a full or half day, we offer several outings depending on your level, your desires, the time you have available...

Fauna, flora, local history... Discover the environment in which you are staying with our passionate professionals from a natural and soothing angle.


  • Around the hamlet of Les Boisses (level 1)
  • The Franchet mountain pastures (level 2)
  • Le Fornet (level 2)
  • The Villaret des Brévières (level 2)
  • The Chevril forest (level 3)
  • The Bois de la Laye (level 3)
  • The Villaret du Nial (level 3)


  • Le Monal (level 3)
  • Orsière (level 4)
  • Col du Palet refuge (level 4)
  • Orsière lunchtime - day (level 4)
  • Grande Sassière reserve (level 5)


  • Nocturne in Orsière - departure at 5pm (level 3)

This walk in the forest will take you to a mountain chalet after approximately 1hour 15minutes of walk which opens its doors for the occasion. After a dinner of local produce, the return to the valley is done by the light of headlamps against a background of illuminated villages, in approximately 1hour of walk

  • Full moon at Le Franchet (level 1)

This private walk on the Franchet plateau will enable you to discover the hamlet and the Franchet plateau under a full moon. The site overlooks Lac du Chevril. You'll move between snow-covered clearings and larch trees. Illuminated by the light of the full moon and headlamps, you'll enjoy an effortless stroll before enjoying a delicious Savoyard fondue in a chic, mountain-style chalet. This outing takes place between 5.30pm and 10.30pm. The maximum number of participants is 8.


  • Les Boisses snowshoe aperitif - departure at 5.30 pm - 2 hours of activities (level 1)

LEVELS of snowshoeing :

To help you choose the level of your snowshoe outing, here is a classification that takes into account the difference in altitude, the distance and the walking time. This classification is to be considered as an indication, knowing that the snow conditions (powdery, loose...) at the time of the outing can facilitate or on the contrary accentuate the difficulty of the walk. Do not hesitate to discuss this with our advisors.

  • Level 1: almost no change in altitude, less than 2 km, a short hour's walk, you sometimes leave the lift to go up to the 3rd floor by the stairs, this outing is for you.
  • Level 2: 150 to 200 m of gentle slopes, between 2 and 3 km, 2 hours of effective walking, you walk regularly to get to your activities, this outing is for you.
  • Level 3: around 200 m of change in altitude on a path with some passages with sustained slopes, around 3 km, 2h30 to 3h of walking, you practice a sporting activity every week, this outing is for you.
  • Level 4 : more than 400 m of difference in altitude on a trail with sometimes steep slopes, between 5 and 7 km of walking, more than 5 hours of walking, you have already practiced snowshoeing and practice a sport activity every week, this outing is for you.
  • Level 5: more than 600 m of ascent and/or descent with steep passages, more than 7 km of walking, more than 6 hours of walking, you have already snowshoed several times, you are able to carry a bag of 8 to 10 kg and you practice a sporting activity several times a week, this outing is for you.


Hours: morning from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. // afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. // day from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Privatisation on demand

These routes are provided for information only. They are subject to modifications mainly depending on weather conditions (snow cover, opportunities, etc.).




Half day private

1-4 pers 260€ / 5 - 8 pax 370€

Full day private

1-4 pers 485€ / 5 - 8 pax 560€

Dinner (Savoyard fondue) - mountain chalet - evenning

1-4 pax 340€ / 5 à 8 pax 550€

Full moon in le Franchet

Meeting point


Meeting point Val d'Isère

Office Evolution 2 Val d'Isère

By free shuttle : "Tourism Office" stop
On foot : Snowfront of Val d'Isère

Meeting point Val d'Isère

Office Evolution 2 Val d'Isère

By free shuttle : "Tourism Office" stop
On foot : Snowfront of Val d'Isère

Meeting point Val d'Isère

Office Evolution 2 Val d'Isère

By free shuttle : "Tourism Office" stop
On foot : Snowfront of Val d'Isère

Meeting point Val d'Isère

Office Evolution 2 Val d'Isère

By free shuttle : "Tourism Office" stop
On foot : Snowfront of Val d'Isère

Meeting point Val d'Isère

Office Evolution 2 Val d'Isère

By free shuttle : "Tourism Office" stop
On foot : Snowfront of Val d'Isère

To remember

Participation conditions

  • The activity starts from our office in Val d'Isère
  • Meeting point : 10 min before the departure time
  • Pedestrian package in addition for the outings to Monal and Col du Palet
  • The programme of the outing may be modified at the sole discretion of the accompanying guide.




  • Warm and comfortable clothes for a walking activity (avoid bulky jackets and prefer multi-layers that can be removed and added)
  • Snow boots (ski boots prohibited, snowboard boots permitted)
  • We provide snowshoes and safety equipment
  • A small backpack with snack and water
  • Pic-nic lunch for all-day hike

Insurances info and cancellation

  • Flexible Sales Conditions 
  • Insurance: Insurance is strongly recommended. There are 2 types of individual insurance to which you can subscribe when finalising your reservation (or in our office).
    1. Cancellation:
    - This insurance covers you in the event of illness or accident preventing you from participating in your sporting activity (this must be certified by a doctor).
    - All COVID related causes are excluded.
    2. Assurski in case of an accident:
    - Assurski covers you for up to €25,000 for rescue costs in the event of a skiing accident (including off-piste) and all other snow sports.
    - No advance payment required for rescue services, including medical repatriation.
    -  Lift pass refunded up to the value of 200€
    - Ski lessons refunded up to the value of 400€

They have lived the experience

Eva Elie

We took a snowshoeing tour with Jean Louis our guide. It was great Jean Louis was great he explained us a lot of things and was very attentive to us about the rhythm. I highly recommend!

-📍 Evolution 2 Val d'Isère

Why go snowshoeing when you can ski?

Tignes and Val d'Isère are famous for their skiing, but did you know that there are parts of the mountains without ski lifts within a 10-minute drive? 

One way to discover these wilderness trails is on snowshoes. Snowshoeing offers a peaceful wilderness experience. The only sound you'll hear is the crunch of snow beneath your feet. This activity promises total immersion in silent nature, far from the surrounding noise of the resort.  

The area around Val d'Isère is also home to some fascinating winter wildlife. There's a good chance of spotting animal tracks, and maybe you'll be able to spot a black grouse or even a chamois!  

All in all, snowshoeing in Val d'Isère is an excellent way to discover the mountains from a whole new angle, surrounded by the natural beauty of the French Alps.

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From 85
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