Are you a sports enthusiast and keen on whitewater activities? Are you interested in the profession of Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide? Do you want to know more about the daily life of a Rafting and Whitewater Swimming instructor, especially the training required to obtain the CQP (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle) diploma? We've gathered all the information for you in this article! 💪🚣😎


What is the job of a Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide?

A Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide is a professional who leads a session of animation in Whitewater Swimming or Rafting within a convoy, for discovery or initiation purposes. In carrying out their duties, they operate in an artificial environment and on natural rivers up to class 3; under the responsibility of a holder of a diploma of at least level 4 (BPJEPS) present in the convoy.


Do you have the profile to become a Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide?

✅ Demonstrate pedagogy. You must have a genuine passion for whitewater and its natural environment.
✅ Mobilize your sense of service and your relational qualities: yes, as often, we don't always choose our clients 😉 ✅ Be sensitive to the well-being of your clients and have a sense of responsibility: let's not forget that the cornerstone of the Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide profession is to provide an unforgettable experience to your clients and thus, generate customer satisfaction! Do you recognize yourself in this description? Good news! Just need to get the diploma now 😉 Hang in there, we'll tell you more about the training right away ⏬

How to become a Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide?


Step 1: Pre-Requirements Test (TEP)

The Pre-Requirements Test (TEP) is an inevitable step to join the Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide training program offered by the Pro Outdoor Academy. This test is open to everyone but requires swimming ability, athleticism, and already possessing a good level of practice and knowledge in Rafting and Whitewater Swimming or related disciplines.

The Pre-Requirements Test (TEP) involves observing and evaluating your behaviors, athletic qualities, and safety skills on 2 river descents of class II to passage III (one in RAFT and one in NEV) on a river of class II to passage III, as a team member. Afterward, you will participate in an interview with a jury in which you will explain your motivations and your professional project.

The Pro Outdoor Academy by Evolution 2, authorized by the FFCK (French Canoe Kayak and Paddle Sports Federation), specifically trains you to obtain the CQP Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide certification in 5 weeks.





Step 2: Training (4 weeks)

Once you have successfully passed the Pre-Requirements Test, you must obtain a PSC1 (basic first aid training) before the first day of training. Then, you will undergo 4 weeks of training consisting of 4 competency blocks. The first block involves preparing a session of rafting or whitewater swimming in natural and artificial environments while committing to a quality approach. The second block concerns accompanying participants in the activity of rafting or whitewater swimming while adhering to safety principles. The third block focuses on the repair and maintenance of an artificial practice site and the necessary equipment for rafting and whitewater swimming activities. Finally, the fourth block involves managing your professional career in the field of physical and sports activities.





Step 3: Professional Integration

This is where it all begins! A comprehensive training program must consist of a minimum of 175 hours of training in a center (including 105 hours in natural environments) and 70 hours in a professional setting within a structure. Therefore, the months of July and August are free, and we propose that you join a Whitewater Base to experience your first foray into guiding: you will learn the fundamental principles of safety in Whitewater, group leadership, and professional conduct.

All Evolution 2 adventure schools recruit Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guides! Visit our Evolution 2 careers page to learn more about our job offers!


Step 4: Certification

After successfully completing the first 4 weeks of training and the minimum 70 hours in a professional setting, we invite you to a week consisting of multiple tests to validate your skills in the 4 competency blocks mentioned in Step 2.

At the end of this process, you will obtain your Professional Qualification Certificate as a "Rafting and Whitewater Swimming Guide." In case of failure in one or more tests, you may have the opportunity to participate in a makeup session, which will take place over 2 days, 15 days after the certification.




And there you have it! The profession of Rafting and Whitewater Swimming guide no longer holds any secrets for you!

Do you still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us via email. We'll be happy to provide you with information about our CQP Rafting and Whitewater Swimming Guide training as well as our other outdoor profession courses.

See you soon! The Pro Outdoor Academy Team ⛰

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