The concept is unique to teach your little ones skiing while having fun. Our goal is simple: create an environment where enjoyment is at the heart of learning, where your children leave with smiles and unforgettable memories. We go beyond the traditional ski school approach by providing a secure space and a team of passionate professional instructors. Shall we explore together before booking their lessons?

Book your children ski lessons with Evolution 2 Chamonix

The Panda Club, a dedicated and private space.

Our area features a private and secure snowgarden in Argentière, at the base of the Plan Joran ski lift. No individuals outside of Evolution 2 are allowed to ski in the same area as your little ones. Our own ski slopes and ski lifts ensure a personalized experience tailored to the needs of each child

Book your children ski lessons with Evolution 2 Chamonix

Learning through enjoyment

Beyond a mere ski school, the Panda Club is a genuine recreational center for the little ones. Our approach combines technical guidance from instructors with the entertainment provided by our team of professionals. We emphasize fun and exploration, fostering a playful and pressure-free learning environment: beginner ski lessons kick off with a little dance to warm up and set the mood ;)

In practical terms, the learning process involves putting on and taking off skis, standing up, walking on a slight incline, using ski lifts, and executing snowplow turns on gentle slopes. We welcome beginner children from 3 years old who have never skied before.

On Fridays, we award ski medals in the presence of parents! Each child is rewarded based on their achievements throughout the week. The atmosphere is friendly, without exams or pressure, and our mascot, the Panda, is there to add a touch of magic.

Book your children ski lessons with Evolution 2 Chamonix

A professional and dedicated team

Our team consists of passionate professionals! Orane, with her 25 years of experience at Evolution 2, knows children perfectly and builds a warm relationship with them year after year on the ski slopes. Denis and Coco, loyal for over 12 years, also bring their expertise and knowledge of your little ones. During peak periods, we have reinforcements to maintain the same quality in our beginner courses. Book your children's ski lessons with confidence.

Book your children ski lessons with Evolution 2 Chamonix

Benefits for parents.

To facilitate the organization of your children's ski lessons, we think of them and you:

  • At the reception chalet, your little ones can take a break in warmth and dryness if weather conditions are unfavorable.
  • Meals are served every day by a caterer, offering a variety of lunch menus.
  • A private transportation service from the hotel or near your accommodation is possible to reach the Panda Club. This free option allows children to be taken care of in the morning and safely returned at the end of the day.

In summary, at the Panda Club, learning to ski turns into an unforgettable experience for children. In a secure and welcoming environment, we promote fun, discovery, and the flourishing of children while teaching them the basics of skiing. With a team of passionate instructors and personalized services, we guarantee that your child will leave with smiles and memories that will last a lifetime.

Shall we book your child's beginner ski lesson?

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