Why should you ride with Evolution 2 Chamonix ?

Why should you ride with Evolution 2 Chamonix ?

Because we are simply the best !?😅 


With our fun and playful ski lessons, your children will become champions ! But not any kind of champions … the champions of happiness without any pressure and/or competition goals.
Our objective is for them to have fun and to enjoy the ride ! ⛷️ Your children smile, and laugh are our best reward.  

With groups of 8 people maximum lead by the professional Evolution 2 ski instructors, who will well teach their passion , the will of our school is to make of your children some independent and safe skiers 😍


Where are the ski lessons taking place ?

Our base camp, « Le Panda Club 🐼 » is located in Argentière and welcomes the children, start from 3 years old, who experiment for the first-time skiing. They are coached by a team of professional ski instructors and qualified facilitators to make of these ski lessons a true moment of pleasure and fun.

The security of your children is our priority, that is why, the snow garden is privatized for Evolution  2. It means that there will be no other skiers than your children ! A small paradise for the entire family.


Once your sweet ski learners will be able to make turns and to stop by themselves, they will be ready to go out of the snow garden and to go on the slopes of the ski areas.
From the initiation to off-piste skiing, the Grands Montets ski area offers nice possibilities to progress. Although, the children will discover how to use the off-piste safe material : Avalanche tracker device – shovel and probe.


How to choose the right ski lesson for your child ?

From the Panda level, for the first-time skiers of 3 years old, to the Junior Academy for the off-piste skiers, and by going throw all the Yetis levels, your child will be in a ski group which corresponds to his/her ski capacity. If you do not have chosen the right one, don’t worry, we will correct it in order for him or her to get the learning time that he or she needs. The objective is for your child to progress with fun and without being bored ! 😉

What are the different options ?

What are the different options ?

At Evolution 2 Chamonix, we take care of everyone, in that way, it exists various options . During the school holidays, your children can ski in the morning, in the afternoon or even the entire day.

With our chalet in the snow garden of the Panda Club, the children can have lunch in a warm and dry environment while, they can enjoy a calm moment, refill their energies to be ready for an afternoon full of adventures and fun 💪


Outside the school holidays, we do not offer ski group lessons in the afternoon, nevertheless, we have prepared a program for them : ski lessons in the morning, entertainment lunch and Winter games in the afternoon.


Winter Games ? Lead and coached by our passionate facilitators, your children will take the place of David Corcket, during an afternoon, to look for animal footprints 🐾 and will go in an adventure in the forest to learn how to make firewood 🔥

When the weather conditions will not be pretty, different workshops will be set up inside the chalet.

Are you ready to watch your children becoming an explorer ?

test and talk

They have tested and talked about it !

Ana : “The team is great ! My 3 years old daughter was not very sure about it, but they have managed to convince her, and she had an amazing time ! The Panda Club was at the end a bonus and she can’t stop talking about it !”


Caroline : “Welcoming and warming team ! Very good experience regarding my 6 years old daughter, she quickly learned because the team was very qualified and, above all, the team listen to our wishes. My daughter will remember of this unforgettable ski week ... we are coming back next year…”


Haïra : “Djenna, 9 years old , worn ski shoes and skis for the first time. She learnt the basics while enjoying her time with super nice and professional ski instructors. Some very good advice, thanks to PANDA CLUB, COCO , Daphné, Anthony and of course the rest of the team !”


William : “ Excellent service – We really had the impression that the team took good care of us – the lessons were also fabulous, and the children had a very nice time”


You still have one thing to do now : to book !

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