Avoriaz is a ski resort located in the French Alps, on the border with Switzerland. In summer, the village transforms into a paradise for nature and sports enthusiasts. Completely pedestrianized, Avoriaz offers an ideal setting to unwind and enjoy the exceptional mountain panorama. Avoriaz is part of the Portes du Soleil area, which includes 12 French and Swiss ski resorts. In summer, you can access over 600 km of hiking, mountain biking, and trail running paths, discovering diverse and unspoiled landscapes.

With Evolution 2, visitors can explore everything this resort has to offer through exciting adventures. Read on to find out more.


Avoriaz: a paradise for Mountain Biking enthusiasts

Avoriaz is particularly prized for its mountain biking trails that stretch across kilometers of mountainous landscapes, waiting to be explored without moderation! Cyclists of all levels will find their joy here, with easy tracks for beginners and more technical routes for experts.

Evolution 2 offers guided outings led by professionals, allowing participants to discover the best routes safely. The Evolution 2 teams will provide personalized advice and accompany you for an unforgettable experience.


E-Bike or Traditional Mountain Bike: two ways to discover Avoriaz

For those looking to explore the mountains with minimal effort, the e-MTB (electric mountain bike) is an excellent option. Unlike traditional MTBs that require continuous physical effort to pedal, e-MTBs are equipped with an electric motor that assists in tackling even the steepest slopes with ease. Evolution 2 offers guided tours for both types of bikes, ensuring an experience suited to all levels of fitness. Our guides will explain the differences and specific techniques for each type of bike, guaranteeing a pleasant and safe adventure whether you choose muscle power or electric assistance.


Activities for the Whole Family in Avoriaz

Avoriaz is an ideal destination for families seeking active and enriching holidays. Evolution 2 offers a range of activities suitable for all ages. Younger ones can try mountain biking on secure tracks or explore climbing and via ferrata routes! Hiking allows you to discover local wildlife and flora, making it the perfect opportunity for family bonding. 


Gain some altitude in Avoriaz

For those looking to soar above the Alpine landscapes, Evolution 2 offers paragliding and climbing experiences. Paragliding is an iconic activity in Avoriaz, providing a sense of freedom and panoramic views. Tandem flights with experienced instructors allow beginners to safely soar through the skies. There's so much to see from above! Climbing, on the other hand, offers physical challenges with routes suited for all skill levels—ensuring everyone can participate. Discover Avoriaz like never before with activities accessible to all.


Discovering the nature of Avoriaz

Avoriaz is also a perfect place to discover the mountains and their environments, wildlife, and flora. Evolution 2 organizes guided hikes through mountain trails: embark on a hike with a guide and explore the Morzine - Avoriaz area and its surroundings. This activity is suitable for all levels, and the program is tailored based on the group's skill level and preferences. You can even try various horseback riding excursions: wander through mountains, forests, and rivers to discover extraordinary landscapes. These rides are accessible to intermediates and experienced riders alike and are supervised by state-certified instructors!


Local culture and gastronomy is a not to miss

Summer in Avoriaz is also an opportunity to discover the local culture and cuisine of the resort. At local markets, you can explore a variety of fresh products, from cheeses to charcuteries. The restaurants in the resort serve traditional Savoyard dishes, allowing visitors to taste regional specialties while enjoying panoramic views and the summer colors of Avoriaz.

With its breathtaking landscapes, diverse activities, and thrilling adventures offered by Evolution 2, Avoriaz is undoubtedly a must-visit summer destination. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping mountain biking, moments of relaxation surrounded by nature, or cultural and gastronomic discoveries, Avoriaz has something for everyone.

So, this summer, let yourself be captivated by the Alpine charm of Avoriaz and create unforgettable memories with Evolution 2!

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