Since 2019, the Pro Outdoor Academy has been welcoming trainees (according to “rookies”) on numerous training courses in the outdoor professions.


Among the training available at the Pro Outdoor Academy, we find the preparation for the Technical Test & preparatory cycle. This 6-month training aims to prepare trainees for the compulsory DE SKI ALPIN entrance test in order to become a ski instructor.

And among these trainees, there are nuggets like Elie, who obtained his Technical Test and his Eurotest in 1 year...

What a year 2021!!


A little presentation ?

My name is Elie and I have been passionate about skiing since my childhood. I had the chance to practice several sliding sports: from cross-country skiing to ski touring to alpine skiing without ever really being interested in the competitive aspect. Today, I spend my free time hiking in the mountains, running, cycling, with friends, or with family. I finished my studies and then I devoted myself to my dream: to join a ski training center and pass my alpine ski instructor.

What prompted/motivated you to want to become a ski instructor?

I have always been a skiing enthusiast. I want to find a way to get closer to this universe in order to be able to link my passion with a professional project. In addition, my father works in the ski industry and I have always wanted to evolve in this environment.


Why did you choose the Pro Outdoor Academy ?

First, the training center offers an interesting format for preparing for the technical test: alternating between training and work in the field with experienced instructors. It is true that it is a plus in the training course because today, the professional experiences that I have had within the Pro Outdoor Academy are very useful to me as a young ski instructor.

Secondly, I chose the Pro Outdoor Academy training center for what the Evolution 2 brand represents in the ski world. This network of ski and adventure schools represents values ​​in which I recognize myself. Focused on outdoor sport as a whole and innovation, it is a brand that evolves with the times.

What goal(s) did you set for yourself in the short, medium, long term when you entered technical test training ?

The first objective was to pass the technical test: to become a skier technically good enough to meet the requirements of the technical test and to be on time. In the medium term, I wanted to have my preparatory cycle in order to be able to start teaching. Finally, my long-term objective is to complete the alpine ski instructor.


Your year at the Pro Outdoor Academy and your experience in China* in a few words?

Good friends, good technical test training, coaches who look for detail and who put in place the means to help you progress. Regarding China, it was an amazing experience! This trip allowed me to discover landscapes other than the Alps, structures that came out of the ground for the Olympic Games and quite simply, the rise of skiing in China.

*We have imagined an innovative training offer, adapted to the international dimension of the profession of ski instructor. Indeed, the profession of ski instructor requires linguistic and cultural adaptation to support an increasingly international clientele. Trainees in ski training have the opportunity to go into immersion for several weeks in our Evolution 2 schools abroad. From the winter of 2022/2023, our rookies will leave for between 2 and 4 weeks to train and teach in Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains.


The passing of the Technical Test*, how was this special day ?

It was a hell of a day! There were favorable weather conditions, I was mentally and physically ready for the last training sessions. All lights were green! On site, there was great group cohesion at the top of the stadium, it was great to feel surrounded and to be with friends to push and motivate each other. I fell in the 1st run and came back up in the second run with the knife between my teeth and the technical test was in the pocket. A great accomplishment of this entire training season within the Pro Outdoor Academy.

*Technical test: mandatory test to start the ski instructor training. This is a special two-run slalom. The candidate's time must be less than or equal to the base time plus 20% (men) or 25% (women). Success gives access to the preparatory cycle valid for three years.

And the passage of the Eurotest* a few months after obtaining your technical test ?

Same pattern as passing the technical test, favorable conditions and good sensations on the skis. Always this superb energy provided by the group at the top of the stadium and again the knife between the teeth at the starting gates. This time, I get the Eurotest in the first run. What a relief to have the time trials of the alpine ski instructor behind me !

*Technical test of the Common Training Test (CTT) formerly called "EuroTest". It is a giant slalom event in alpine skiing which takes place in two runs. The candidate's time must be less than or equal to the base time plus 18% (male) or 24% (female). Success allows the opening of a second period of training valid for three years.


First season as a ski instructor? Happy ?

I am very happy to be able to give a finality to the last years of training and to see my professional project slowly materializing.

It's super cool to be able to work in an environment that I like : contact with customers, making them progress, making them discover my universe and my passion for skiing. In addition, it is very rewarding to see your customers progress and the recognition they have for you at the end of a ski lesson.


What would you advise a young skier wishing to embark on the alpine ski instructor training course ?

He/she has to come and train with the Pro Outdoor Academy !

Really, you have to be aware of the personal investment that this state diploma represents. To pass the technical test and the Eurotest, you need a very good level in slalom. During the training, we train and adopt a high-level athlete lifestyle. To put all the chances on your side, you have to be well prepared physically and mentally. Today, the coaches of the Pro Outdoor Academy have the skills to develop the trainees on these two aspects but not everything depends on them. You have to be able to push your limits, get out of your comfort zone and always keep in mind your end goal: to become a ski instructor.

"One of the keys to success is self-confidence. One of the keys to self-confidence is preparation."

Arthur ASHE | American tennis player and writer

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