Feeling like changing your scenery, recharging, and experiencing thrilling sensations? The mountains are the perfect place to escape the daily routine and reconnect with nature. Extended weekends offer a great opportunity to spend time with family or friends.


Why choose the mountains for your long weekends?

The mountains offer an exceptional natural setting, far from the stress and pollution of cities, and provide opportunities for a variety of activities suitable for all levels and desires. A mountain getaway also promotes physical and mental well-being, thanks to the clean air, tranquility, and beauty of the landscapes. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in outdoor activities, the mountains always offer challenges to overcome. Push your limits and expand your horizons with exciting activities like climbing, hiking, or mountain biking.

Which outdoor activities can you do with Evolution 2 during an extended weekend ?


For all

Evolution 2 offers outdoor activities for all tastes and ages, led by certified and passionate professionals. They are accessible to everyone and can be enjoyed with family or friends! With Evolution 2, you benefit from the expertise of certified professional guides and instructors who ensure your safety while introducing you to the richness of the mountains through both sports and cultural activities.


A wide range of activities

Evolution 2 offers a comprehensive range of outdoor activities tailored to all seasons. You can enjoy canyoning, via ferrata, mountain biking, hiking, climbing... with all the necessary equipment provided to ensure your comfort and safety. These are unique and memorable experiences to share.

Come spend your long weekends in the mountains with Evolution 2 for an enriching adventure! Let yourself be tempted by the charm of the mountains and discover all that they have to offer during your next extended weekend.

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