Paragliding flights at La Rosière

1. Meet your paragliding instructor

Once you have booked, your paragliding instructor will contact you by SMS to confirm your booking and meeting point. Changes may be made according to weather conditions, but our main aim is to ensure that you enjoy the activity in complete safety !

Paragliding flights at La Rosière

2. Welcome and briefing before the paragliding flight

You'll meet your paragliding instructor at the Les Arcs funicular, where he'll explain how the activity works. You can leave your friends and family here. From below, they'll have a better view of your flight and landing! To the take-off zone! After a 10-minute ascent on the funicular, you'll reach Les Arcs 1600 resort. It's time for the last ascent before the big flight! At the top of the Cachette chairlift you'll find the take-off zone. Here your instructor will finish fitting you out for the activity (selette attachment, helmet...) and carry out your pre-flight inspection. 

Paragliding flights at La Rosière

4. Take-off

3-2-1 ! Go, go, go! You can run ! As you run, you'll feel your feet leave the ground and the air carry you along. The sensation of lift-off is often described as magical and liberating. Now you can enjoy your paragliding flight and admire the Savoie countryside, especially the Haute-Tarentaise ski resorts ! In the distance, you'll be able to spot the resort of La Rosière and the Col du Petit Saint Bernard ! If you're lucky, you'll get a magnificent view of Mont Blanc !

Paragliding flights at La Rosière

5. Landing and end of paragliding activity

After a 20 to 40-minute paragliding flight, it's time to come back down to earth. Your paragliding instructor will guide you to the landing zone, explaining the steps to follow for a safe end to the experience. The landing is gentle, with a slight run-up to cushion the descent. Once on the ground, your paragliding instructor will remove your equipment - the activity is over ! You can then share the experience with your friends and family, and recommend the activity to them ! 

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