In Chamonix, off-piste runs are famous for their wild expanses: it's truly one of the jewels of the Alps! Whether it's for lovers of classic routes or explorers seeking less crowded trails, the off-piste descents in the Mont Blanc massif offer dizzying elevation changes, often accessible directly from the ski lifts, and unfold in a mountain environment of exceptional beauty.

The routes will offer you breathtaking panoramas and unique technical challenges.

Off Piste and security

Safety first

For a safe and fully satisfying experience, Evolution 2 Chamonix accompanies you on its pristine slopes with its team of high mountain guides and certified ski instructors.

When skiing off-piste, whether just a few meters from the marked trails or deep in the heart of Alaska, the rules are the same: those of the mountain. One does not venture alone without being accompanied by someone with the experience and necessary equipment... and knowledge of the paths to take ;)

Luckily, our teams know the playground inside out!

A quick assessment of your level?

Skiing or snowboarding off-piste is a goal for many snow sports enthusiasts, but assessing one's level remains somewhat subjective because off-piste levels are not the same as on-piste.

Here are some reference points to help you navigate:

  • Beginner level skier:

Must have a confirmed level on groomed snow and be comfortable on all slopes. They can master both long and short turns and can handle bumps. In off-piste skiing, they will start with gentle slopes (20/25°) in shallow snow (5 to 10 cm).

  • Intermediate level skier:

Capable of skiing down medium slopes (30/35°) that may include obstacles such as rocks or trees. They are comfortable adapting to different snow conditions, whether it's light powder or more compact, and they have perfect control of their speed and stops. They are familiar with the use of safety equipment and take the time to learn about the risks and snow conditions before starting their descent.

  • Experienced level skier:

Off-piste, they are comfortable in all snow conditions and have total control of their speed. They understand the importance of commitment to avoid falls in risky sections. They are familiar with the necessary safety rules to navigate slopes prone to avalanches and are capable of conducting a search in case of emergency. Finally, they know when it is necessary to abandon a descent due to dangerous conditions, demonstrating a sharp awareness of risks.

Do you need a little refresher? No problem, we have the formula that suits you! Shall we discuss it together?

Off Piste Chamonix

Let's get down to specifics: the off-piste routes


Among the must-do routes, we obviously mention the Vallee Blanche from Aiguille du Midi, the Pas de Chèvre at Grands Montets, or the Nant Noir at Le Tour, which offer dream descents, combining optimal snow conditions, demanding technicality, and magnificent landscapes.

We present you with 3 other routes to venture off the beaten path with us.

Let's dive into the details before booking your off-piste session with Evolution 2 Chamonix.

1- Magic Forest at Grands Montets An ideal off-piste route for beginners

The terrain is very diverse, and any slightly steep slopes can be easily bypassed, making it accessible to skiers of modest levels. Its north-west orientation ensures quality snow and makes it invisible from the ski area: you feel "far from it all" here. It's a playful skiing terrain for budding freeriders with numerous rocks, slopes, and steep walls to "have a blast". Are you tempted?
Vertical drop: 300 meters

2 - Aiguillette des Posettes via the slate quarries at Le Tour

A more technically challenging route that allows you to directly reach the summit of the Aiguillette ski lift from the Charamillon gondola. Due to its south-facing orientation, the snow is often transformed (spring snow even in January). The key is to enter at the right time, neither too early nor too late, for a dreamy ski experience. You'll be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Tour basin, Mont Blanc, and the entire Chamonix valley laid out before you.
Vertical drop: 800 meters

3 - ENSA Couloir at Brévent

A significant route for expert skiers unafraid of heights. The line runs through a very narrow couloir where the snow never sees the sun and remains cold. While the incline is not extreme, it is sustained at around 40°, and except in powder snow conditions, falling is not allowed. Moreover, the entrance, steeper than the rest of the couloir, often requires the use of a rope due to lack of snow. Alpine ambiance guaranteed.
Vertical drop: 500 meters for the couloir, 1500 meters in total.

It's up to you to choose your route; we have many more up our sleeves, so get your thighs ready.
Ready to challenge the off-piste slopes of Chamonix? For an authentic and memorable experience, dive into the adventure and book your off-piste session with Evolution 2 Chamonix!

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