Remember … when you were a child, you used to like climbing everywhere ! So, why don’t you continue by climbing the mountains of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley 🧗

Appeared in France in the 80’s, Evolution 2 Chamonix has included this complete sport in our outdoor activities that we are proposing to our clients, to let them progress and sharp their technic in this dizzy activity !

This activity is possible indoors, but in Chamonix we will bring you outside on the rocks in the heart of conserved environment. It is the main reason why this activity is appreciated all the year by a lot of passionate people ! ⛰️

Let discover together the successful assets of this activity and the different formulas that we are proposing.

1/ Why you should discover rock climbing ?

Rock climbing is a complete sport which will make you sharp your body and your mind. It is a good workout for your muscles : from the fingers that grab the rocks to your feet that will give you the right impulsion to go up. You can be sure that your strong body will stay trained with this activity 💪

Climbing ensures you the possibility to surpass yourself which can help you in your regular life. Strong mental to manage your apprehensions, adrenalin to encourage you to reach the best sensations, agility and self-controlled … some qualities among others that you will discover and learn to master step by step.

It is also a playful and progressive sport ! You will take some pleasure in reminiscing about your childhood feelings, meeting new people, and progressing, at your rhythm thanks to the different group level that we can offer.

Finally, this activity is realized in the heart of the mountains, in the fresh air of the glaciers. A great opportunity to resource yourself and to disconnect yourself from everything.

Climbing Evolution 2 Chamonix

2/ Where can you do rock climbing with Evolution 2 Chamonix ?

Our climbing instructors offer different options for climbing.

Les Gaillands 🌲

In a relaxing environment between a forest and a lake, the Gaillands climbing rock is a true paradise for the whole family. It offers many climbing lines for all levels. So, beginner friends, trust your guide and this cliff will become your best ally after a few advice. The pleasure will be there … at the top of the mountain ! You can choose to do rock climbing for a half day or a full day, to be part of a group or to take a private guide. You are free to build your activity as you like => click here !

Climbing Evolution 2 Chamonix

The great climbing lines  🌬️

It is not because this title is quite impressive that is only reserved for seasoned climbers.

By “great climbing lines” we are speaking about other locations that give you the opportunity to go on an adventure in the Mont-Blanc massif regarding the mood of mother nature who remains the master of the mountains ⛰️

Your guide will take you during a full day on pure rocky climbing trails, or on mixt trails (ice and rock). It is also possible to reach the Italian cliffs if the weather forecast is good.

As always, it is your wishes and your level that will create your perfect climbing day => click here !

To sum up, climbing will give you some unforgettable memories that you will create with the pleasure of your ascent. Once you will be at the top, let yourself be invaded by the full feeling
of freedom and vastness : you will be one with the wildlife !

Get in touch with our teams and book your climbing activity to feel the benefices of the outdoor activity

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