Hiking in Chamonix is like eating pastas in Italy 😅, it is part of the inescapable activities of the Valley !
It is why it was time to write about this outdoor activity to guide you on our lovely mountain trails ! 🏔️

Are you ready to roam the trails with Evolution 2 Chamonix ? Follow us and find something that corresponds to your level and your wishes.

Hiking Evolution 2 Chamonix

1/ Set the scene

🌿 The preserved wildlife …
🌿 The summits, with their eternal winter white hats, that surround you …
🌿 The shiny glaciers …
🌿 The smell of the fir, beech and birch trees that play with your nose …
🌿 The relaxing sound of a waterfall …
🌿 And oh ! Look, is it not a Chamois, or maybe a Bouquetin, or the sound of a Marmotte ?

Are you there ? This is the experience that we are proposing to you to live together during a hike in Chamonix, guided by our professionals that will share with you their passion for the mountain ♥️

Short hike Evolution 2 Chamonix

2/ Kind of hikes

🌿Half day on the trails

For a short hike, the half day formula is enough and allows you to have the rest of the day to discover another activity or to relax ! Here, we awake our senses….even if you are alone, with your family or friends. Let’s go on the trails for a few hours and let yourself be surprised by nature.

You can join a group (maximum of 8 people) or you can book a private guide for yourself. Whatever your choice is, the discovery of the mythical landscapes will be there and of course the view on the Mont-Blanc Massif and the Aiguilles Rouges !

You want a more precise idea ? It could be for example the Cascade de Brérard to Vallorcine hike. Perfect for a half day experience in the heart of the mountains. You will discover a beautiful expedition through the preserved landscapes of the Chamonix valley.

Full day hiking - Evolution 2 Chamonix

🌿 Full day hiking in our mountains

Take your backpack for a full day hiking to have the chance to hike longer and upper trails to see breathtaking views. Work on your breathing and your endurance and enjoy a picnic lunch in a resourceful environment.

Here some examples of hikes that you could discover ….

🥾 Posettes hiking in le Tour. It is an intermediary level itinerary and a fantastic full day experience in the Chamonix valley. It offers breathtaking panoramic views on the iconic Alps summits and allows the hikers to be in the heart of the alpine beauty.
🥾 The Albert 1er hike corresponds to a more difficult hike and brings you inside the Mont-Blanc massif in the middle of a spectacular environment. The trail to get there is technical but once you are at the top, you will have a good reward : the panoramic view of the glaciers !


Sunset Hiking

🆕 Sunset hiking

New product in our summer panel of activities ! This hike is perfect to discover the beauty of the mountains with the last lights of the day.

Put your shoes on for a hike at the end of the day and a break to watch the sunset. A cozy moment to share with your family or friends with a glass of wine and small snacks🍷🧀

3/ Hiking equipment

At first sight, the equipment for hiking is quite simple …
It is true ! And it is why it is one of our preferred activities. It is well accessible during a stay in Chamonix.

However, the weather forecast changes quickly in our mountains, so, always have in your backpack a rain jacket and a warm clothe like a fleece or a softshell to protect yourself from the cold temperatures 😉

Shortly, here a to do list for an experience with 100% of pleasure :

  • Sport clothes
  • Backpack with water and snack
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket
  • Fleece or softshell

You got all the info ? Backpack ready ? So, warm up your legs and book your hike with Evolution 2 Chamonix.

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