What is canyoning?

This water sport is one of the most complete on its list!💦

It offers a wide range of possibilities to its practitioners, both in terms of the landscapes it encompasses and the way it is practiced. Canyoning consists of navigating a watercourse (usually a river) through gorges or narrow passages. No matter how you negotiate these obstacles, they can be approached by: jumping, diving, abseiling or using tobbogans🏄🏼‍♂️.

Please note that canyoning is often confused with canoeing, but we don't use boat 🙅🏼‍♂️

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Is canyoning accessible to beginners?

Everyone can enjoy canyoning🐬

It's a sport open to even the most beginner, for the simple reason that the canyons are all different! The courses will be adapted to your desires and your level: playful, aquatic, technical or even vertical.

Please note, however, that you'll need to be able to swim, as you'll be moving through small areas of water of varying depths, without a life jacket sauvetage👷🏼‍♂️

Whether you're with family or friends, or even looking for a solo experience, we've got everything you need to enjoy your very own adventure!

How do I equip myself for canyoning?

All you need to take with you to be a real fish in the water, are the following things:

  • A swimsuit👙
  • A beach towel to use at the end of the activity
  • Something to hydrate you at the end of the activity: even if you'd think that being in the water wouldn't make you thirsty, quite the opposite! It's best to have something to drink as you leave the activity🥤

The rest of the equipment is provided by us, so here's what you need to know about your gear:

  • A neoprene wetsuit: even in the middle of July, the water stays pretty cool! The wetsuit will enable you to stay in the water for several hours without feeling cold 🥶
  • A neoprene vest: the more layers you have, the less cold you'll feel!
  • Neoprene socks: you'll need to put these on to avoid injury.
  • A helmet: as mentioned above, you're going to be jumping, sliding and so on. For safety reasons, you'll need a helmet similar to a alpinisme⛑️ helmet.
  • Sneakers: it's very important to wear the right shoes (sports sneakers), for the simple reason that you risk slipping. Sneakers are worn over neoprene socks.

Here are all the details of your outfit... But not so fast! What's missing is an explanation of the harness that will accompany you throughout your trip: it will be made up of lanyards and a descender that will be useful for progressing on ropes🚀

Evolution 2 tips: don't forget to tie your hair back if it's long, and to take a thread for your glasses.

Is canyoning a dangerous sport?

Canyoning is not dangerous, as long as it's done properly encadré🤚🏼

The terrain in which you will be evolving is natural and adventurous, so you need to be well accompanied to be able to evolve serenely!

If you have any medical contraindications or physical ailments, please let us know when you book, so that we can adopt the best possible behaviour for your outing🚩

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