Beyond mere running, mountain trail running is an inner journey where each step brings us closer to nature and our own essence. It's an invitation to escape, to push our limits, to explore paths that transform us, and to share experiences that bring us together.

With Evolution 2, get ready to embark on an adventure accessible to all in the heart of the Chamonix mountains, accompanied by experienced and passionate guides. A journey where your endurance, your will, and your courage will be your only allies.

Trail Chamonix

The environment of the trails in Chamonix ...

Imagine the rising sun casting its light over snow-capped peaks as you embark on a winding trail. The crisp alpine air fills your lungs, and your muscles awaken with each elevation gain. Another world awakens around you...

Mountain trail running is a communion with the earth, a harmony with altitude that propels you forward, urging you to discover and explore. Ready to book now?

At Evolution 2 Chamonix, we understand this thirst for adventure. Our trail sessions are designed to accommodate every level of skill and experience, from discovery to mastery. Whether you're a beginner eager to experience the thrill of overcoming obstacles or a seasoned runner seeking challenges at your level, we have the perfect course for you

Trail formats in Chamonix

Diverse trail formats for all levels

  • Half-day to Discover

This format is perfect for introducing you to the trail running experience. With a course ranging from 6 to 15 km and an elevation gain starting from 300m+, even beginners can taste the thrill of altitude while being guided by passionate professionals. Suitable for ages 12 and up, come with family or friends to share an unforgettable moment.

  • Full-day to Improve

More experienced runners will opt for the full-day session: a challenging course of 25 to 50 km with a significant elevation gain of 1000m to 2500m. Our guides teach you to feel the significance of each stride so that every ascent becomes a triumph. The minimum age for these sessions is 18, ensuring maturity and endurance suitable for the intensity of the experience."

Trail sessions
  • Course Reconnaissance

For runners preparing for a competition, we offer reconnaissance sessions on renowned race courses. Accompanied by our guides, you can optimize your preparation, share your questions, and gather valuable advice. It's the perfect format to fine-tune your strategy for race day.

  • Ultimate Experience

The Traverse of the Aiguilles Rouges For the most seasoned trail runners, the traverse of the Aiguilles Rouges represents the pinnacle of the trail running experience in Chamonix. Over two days, this course will take you to over 3000m altitude, offering breathtaking views of Mont Blanc and memories that will last a lifetime.
Note: The summit of Le Buet will be possible if the weather conditions are favorable.

  • Skyrunning

The Quintessence of Trail Running Finally, for those looking to push the limits of trail running, our "skyrunning" offer might be for you. Running along ridgelines, discovering the mountains from a new perspective, and testing your comfort at high altitudes await, this is what awaits you alongside our guides. It's a more extreme form of mountain running at altitudes above 2,000 meters.

Trail Running with Evolution 2: Tailored Suppor

Trail running is not only an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and the mountains, but also a chance to meet fellow enthusiasts who share your love for the outdoors and the sense of effort it brings!
Meet Yan and Coco, our two Evolution 2 guides who will lead you through the trails of Chamonix, which they know like the back of their hand (to discover their experiences, it's just below ⬇️ 😎).

Ever wondered why you should be accompanied by a professional guide? They offer expertise, advice, coaching, training content, tips on equipment and supplies, essential techniques to master, insights into the most beautiful spots, their knowledge of the terrain, environment, and mountainous surroundings, as well as insider recommendations... Any other questions? 😉

  • Coaching and Techniques

Running on roots, navigating scree slopes, managing descents and ascents, optimizing the use of poles – all of these skills can be learned. Our personalized coaching covers all these aspects and more. Our experts share their passion with you!

They provide on-the-spot video analysis and personalized advice to continually improve your technique. Managing effort according to the terrain, adapting to altitude, mastering nutrition, and knowing how to dress appropriately are crucial skills they will help you master.

  • Levels and Progression

Want to assess your level and compare yourself to other runners? Discover the Betrail rating system. The site offers personalized performance measurement, a database of runners and results, a calendar of trails in France, Benelux, and beyond, personal pages with your race history, and rankings. From the blue level for intermediates to the purple level for experts, every participant finds their place and challenge.

At Evolution 2, every trail, every ascent, every descent is a story waiting to be experienced. Together, let's tread the paths of the mountain and let adventure transform us. Book your trail now!

Come discover the mountains like you've never seen them before, with your heart beating to the rhythm of your strides and your spirit as free as the pure air of the peaks. Join us for an experience that is more than just a race: it's a true mountain odyssey.

Yan Chatellard

Yan Chatellard

Yan is not just your average mountain guide; he's also a professional coach in cross-country skiing, biathlon, and trail running. Born at the foot of Mont Blanc in Haute-Savoie, he's a true local product!

In addition to his expertise in mountain guiding, Yan is an avid cyclist, mountain biker, fast hiker, and ski tourer.

His commitment? "Sharing my passions and playground through unique and authentic experiences. I listen to my clients and adapt to their expectations."
His goal? To provide unforgettable outdoor sports experiences that are accessible to everyone.

With over 12 years of professional experience, Yan has completed numerous challenging events, including the Trail du Tour des Fiz (63 km), CCC (100 km with 6000m D+), Marathon du Mont-Blanc (42 km), Cross du Mont-Blanc (23 km), and Montagn'hard (30 km), as well as the Lyon Marathon. As a professional coach in a local cross-country ski club and a former high-level competitor in the regional team, Yan also has extensive experience in cross-country skiing, including finishing the Transjurassienne (76 km) in 2010, the Foulée Blanche (42 km), the Bessans Marathon, and various other marathons and half-marathons.

Corentin - Trail

Un kette En baskette

Coco left her lovely Belgium to immerse herself in mountain life from morning till night and pursue her passion for trail running.

His commitment? "To bring an ethical approach to mountain guiding and transmit the beautiful values of trail running."
His desire? To take clients to secluded places, places that personally resonate with her, and blend the practical with the pleasurable in her guiding by seeking out beauty and wonder.

His experience: "I've had the privilege of joining a team coached by Sébastien Chaigneau (winner of the HardRock 100, multiple UTMB podium finishes, and a true trail running icon from the 2000s to 2015). I proudly represent UYN (sponsor of the French Alpine Ski Team) in competitions. As an elite athlete, I compete in a maximum of 3 to 4 races per year."

Achievements include:

  • Completing the Mont-Blanc Marathon in 4h32 (43km with 2500m D+)
  • Setting a record in October 2021 for the round trip: Parking des Bossons Tremplin-Jonction-Parking des Bossons in 2h13.
  • Winning her category and placing second overall in April 2024 at the Paladru Trail (1h13 for 17km with 750m D+).
  • Aim to represent Belgium in European trail running within the next two years."

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