Last May, three mountain professionals went on an expedition to Pakistan, with the aim of doing combos combining paragliding and skiing.

Presentation of the team !
Martin REBORD : experienced ski and paragliding instructor. 
Christophe TRICOU : high mountain guide, ski and paragliding instructor.
Michel CERVELIN : paragliding instructor

These three enthusiasts left for a month to discover new summits while practicing their favourite sports.  Unfortunately the weather conditions only allowed 10 days of action.

Why Pakistan? 
Pakistan was chosen as it is a good destination for paragliding. The mountain range is protected from the wind and there are many updrafts that allow you to climb high in altitude. Moreover, we needed a snowy destination allowing to ski down and Pakistan joined the two major elements of our trip.

The expedition

The expedition

The expedition!
Arrived on May 2nd in Karimabab (2 500 m), the first week was an acclimatization week while waiting for the flight permit. It was an opportunity to do some hiking and to acclimatise to an altitude of 4,200m. 
Once they had acquired their permit, it was a mixture of ascents, ski descents and rest days. Several summits were flown over such as Ultar Peak (7,300m) or Hunza Peak (6,270m). Unfortunately, the summit so coveted by the group, Diran Peak (7,266m), could not be reached due to bad weather. 

During one of their outings, the group was split up because of the wind. Two of them were stranded at an altitude of 4,400 metres and the third at 5,600 metres. Unable to take off again, they had to spend the night on the spot, without tents or sleeping bags. The three of them were reunited the next day.

Unfortunately, the conditions deteriorated, so they returned to France on 2 June. 

What did they gain from the trip? 
The trip was very enriching thanks to the discovery of a new region and the hospitality of the inhabitants. 

What plans for the future?

What plans for the future?

These three enthusiasts have not seen enough of Pakistan and want to go back, hoping for better weather conditions. Their project is to create a video before leaving in order to show their universe and explain their expedition. The aim is to find new sponsors, which would allow them to make a film during their next trip. During the next expedition, our three adventurers also want to practice the based jump.

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