kitesurf's lesson Lacanau

Kitesurf in Lacanau

Kite surfing is a nautical activity in which the practitioner slides on a board while being towed by a kite wing (very large kite!) with the help of the wind. Your kite wing is connected to your harness by large lines that you will have to learn to tame!

This activity is ideal for those looking for speed and thrills, as well as for those who love tricks and aerial jumps. Kitesurfing lessons take place on Lake Lacanau in shallow water.

Plan 4 days of kitesurfing lessons to ensure your first rides and the upwind!

Wingfoil's course

Wingfoil in Lacanau

The Wingfoil is a form of nautical gliding which consists of using a foil mounted under a board, accompanied by a wing which provides the propulsion necessary to glide on the water using the wind. Thanks to the speed acquired using your wing and a gentle support game with your legs, your foil comes out of the water and a feeling of freedom invades you, you fly!

The Wingfoil is ideal for those looking for "smooth" glide and levitating sensations on the water. We love this height taken on Lake Lacanau.

Plan 3 days of wingfoil lessons to ensure your first flights and take your first wingfoil tacks!

kite surf and wingfoil Lacanau

Kitesurf or Wingfoil, what's choice?

The choice between kite surfing and wingfoiling will come down to personal preference in terms of feel, skill level and wind conditions on the water. In short,


The pluses : the speed and the multiplicity of disciplines (surfkite, kitesurf, freestyle, jumps, etc.)

the least : the installation of the equipment and the lines;)


The pluses : Height gain and freedom of movement!

The Least : Apprehension of the foil at the start

The Evolution 2 Lacanau team is at your disposal to discuss it and help you choose between kitesurfing and wingfoil!

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