In the realm of skiing, there exists a unique experience that paves the way for new discoveries: ski touring. More than just a winter sport, ski touring offers a total immersion in breathtaking landscapes.
It's a genuine opportunity to change perspectives and escape from traditional ski resorts.

We invite you to explore the joy of ski touring, its enchanting landscapes, and the reasons why you should book this fantastic adventure.

Ski Touring

Ski Touring with Evolution 2: a Guided Adventure Open to All

Ski touring involves exploring mountains outside marked trails by attaching sealskins to skis. This provides the opportunity to ascend other peaks and subsequently descend untouched snowy slopes.

To fully experience what this sport has to offer, it is crucial to surround yourself with a team of passionate experts. At Evolution 2, we have assembled a team of seasoned guides ready to share their love for the mountains and expertise in ski touring.

This activity allows each skier to take on their own challenge in the mountains, according to their skill level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate skier, or seasoned expert, there are tailored routes to provide you with the opportunity to progress, push your limits, and discover new horizons (examples of routes below in this article).
Book your half-day or full-day group or private outings to embark on an adventure according to your expectations.

Ski Touring Evolution 2 Chamonix

Breathtaking landscapes and enchanting routes

Ski touring is much more than a simple downhill ski run. It is an immersive experience where you leave the beaten paths to explore landscapes steeped in natural beauty.

In the heart of Chamonix, you will discover spellbinding routes where the mountains unveil their full splendor. Each route offers a unique adventure, whether it's traversing a majestic glacier, ascending an iconic peak, or exploring wild and pristine valleys.

Ski Touring Evolution 2 Chamonix

The Pleasure of authenticity and freedom

What makes  ski touring so captivating is also the sense of complete freedom and authenticity it provides. Far from the crowds of ski resorts, you can fully connect with nature, listen to the silence of the mountains, and experience a different intensity. During the descent, each turn on the untouched snow is a reward, an expression of your own freedom.

Safety and expertise

At Evolution 2, your safety is our priority. Our experienced guides possess in-depth knowledge of the Chamonix mountains and have been trained to assess weather conditions and avalanche risks. They will provide safety advice, guide you in choosing appropriate routes, and ensure that your ski touring adventure unfolds under the best conditions.

Discover below some examples of routes to book your ski touring session and allow you to explore the magnificent landscapes of Chamonix:

Beginner Route: Les Aiguillettes des Posettes, located near the slopes of the Tour domain, offers an ideal first experience for beginner ski tourers. The view of the Chamonix valley and the Tour glacier is breathtaking. The descent can be done off-piste or on the red and blue slopes of the ski area.
📍 Elevation gain of 700m, duration of approximately 2h30.

Intermediate Route: Col des Dards, located above Lac Blanc at Flégère, will delight intermediate-level skiers. Access is via the cable car to Flégère, then following the slopes. Notable features include the stunning view of Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles de Chamonix, as well as the crossing of the frozen Lac Blanc, adding a unique touch to the descent.
📍 Elevation gain of 800m, duration of 3h.

Expert/Confirmed Route: Col du Passon is a demanding glacial route for experienced skiers. Access is from the top of the Bochard cable car at Grands Montets. A true adventure that takes you through, among other things, the Col des Rachasses at nearly 3000m, then the Argentière glacier, before reaching the Col du Passon. You will be rewarded with the legendary descent on the left bank of the Tour glacier, facing the Albert 1er refuge, all the way to the village of Tour, the final point of this tour.

📍 Positive elevation gain: 1000m. Cumulative negative elevation gain: over 2200m.

Ski touring opens the doors to an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Alpine peaks of Chamonix.
Beyond groomed trails, get ready to broaden your horizons, explore new terrains, and experience moments of pure joy in the snowy mountains of the Chamonix valley. Book your experience now.


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