Setting the scene

Setting the scene

🚠 The doors of the Aiguille du Midi cable car in Chamonix are open, you are at 3 842 meters of altitude surroundings by majestic summits.
In front of you the Mont-Blanc, main point of the of the Alps, you are surroundings by vastness. 🏔️

The Vallée Blanche is a mythical off-pist downhill well known not only for the beauty of its landscapes but also for its technical aspects that requires this adventure on a glacier terrain.

You ride 20 km of ski freeride and 2 000m of negative drop surrounding by glaciers. It takes a full day to make the Vallée Blanche, so approximatively 4 to 6 hours, regarding your ski level, the snow conditions, and the weather forecast. You will be guided by a professional mountain guide who will share with you his knowledge and will ensure you a safety ride.

Vallee Blanche

⛷️ As you see, the Vallée Blanche downhill is a staple off-pist itinerary for skiers who seek sensations !

But before booking your day on the Vallee Blanche and offering yourself the best possible experience, it is essential to inform yourself on the necessary pre-requirements on your ski level (or snowboard), the specificities to know for the downhill as well as the equipment to foresee. Once you are in, you can’t go back, so get prepared with us by your side in order to ride the Vallée Blanche very soon !

To note : At Evolution 2 Chamonix we are proposing to book the classic itinerary, but other options exist. The guide who will be with you, is the only one who can judge the feasibility of them regarding the weather, snow conditions and level of the participants.

Ski or snowboard level and Vallée Blanche characteristics to know

Either you are a skier or a snowboarder, the requirements will be the same to fully enjoy the Vallée Blanche downhill.

No need to be a true ski racer, you need to be a serious skier with a good physical condition : you will have to carry your ski two times (at the beginning and for 20 minutes at the end of the downhill).

Here are some basic points to know then be able to book your Vallée Blanche with peace of mind

Valle Blanche Level
  • The technic 🏋️

You need to master ski fundamentals like to control your speed and your ski line (trajectory), to be able to follow a defined itinerary, to make turns at a moderate speed and to make tight turns at low speed, to master the snow plough and to control your side sleeping.
All of these on an off-pist terrain and in high mountain which implies to be aware of certain specificities.

Indeed, one third of the Vallée Blanche is at least at 3 000 m of altitude, with some steep parts and with some others equivalent to black slopes.  

You will walk with spikes the Aiguille du Midi ridge. You should be able to control your anxiety … don’t worry our guides will be there to safely guide you.

Vallee Blanche
  • The vertigo 😵‍💫

During your walk on the ridge, you can suffer of vertigo. The anxiety of the emptiness can make you lose your capacities , it can happen even to the best skiers. The ridge becomes then a true ordeal for the client as for the guide.
People who suffer of vertigo are invited to indicate it to us during the booking, in order for the guide to plan another itinerary (by Helbronner for example) if it is possible.

  • Snow conditions

The snow conditions can change from one day to another, you must then be comfortable with every type of snow (fresh, bumpy, windy snow, icy …). The Vallée Blanche can make you ski on snow bridges, avoid open crevasses. Your guide needs then to count on your calm attitude and your versatility.

  • The weather forecast 🌨️

It is an essential factor that must be taken into consideration since in high mountain, the climatic changes are faster and their effects on your body are more important. Even in sunny day, the low temperatures and the wind can make you vulnerable.

Weather and snow conditions are closely linked in high mountains, so be ready to adapt yourself !

As you have seen, various elements must be taken into consideration before getting into this incredible experience. Far from the idea to discourage you, we are here to help to prepare yourself before booking your Valléee Blanche

💡 By the way, if you think you are not ready enough for booking the Vallée Blanche, we are proposing the Vallée Blanche Package which includes a half day ski, with a professional ski instructor, to check and confirm the ski requirements (the option appears once you have added the Vallée Blanche in your basket)

Once this step is confirmed, the Vallée Blanche downhill is yours, safely guided by our mountain guides.

What equipment to plan?

What equipment to plan?

The equipment to foresee depends when you are doing your Vallée Blanche, but you will be manly confronted to cold temperatures and wind, and specifically on the ridge of the Aiguille du Midi.
It is then necessary to wear warm clothes.

Evolution 2 will give you harnesses, Avalanche trackers (DVA), shovels and probes. It is your job to foresee the spikes, the backpack with the ski fasteners (easier to carry your ski or snowboard😊) and poles if you are a snowboarder.

An advice : rent your material in our partnership ski shops !

Book your Vallee Blanche with Evolution 2 Chamonix

For the food, you should foresee a picnic, a drink such as water and some cereals bars if you need a small break during your downhill.
And what about a nice blueberry pie in the middle of your Vallée Blanche ? No problem, it is totally possible by stopping at the Refuge du Requin (caution, they do not accept credit card, cash only)

You will also need to book your ski pass : The Mont-Blanc Unlimited to get the access to this unique experience.

Our teams and your guide are here to help you and to answer to your questions all along this adventure !

Are you ready ? So, see you soon at the bottom of the Aiguille du Midi cable car for a big breath of fresh air in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley !

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