When we think of the mountains, we often imagine snow, skiing, and fondue... But the mountains in summer are also an ideal place to spend a vacation or a weekend, with family or friends. Indeed, the mountains offer a multitude of activities for all tastes and levels, allowing you to enjoy nature, sunshine, and freshness. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply seeking relaxation, you'll surely find your happiness in the mountains during the summer with Evolution 2 schools !


Activities to cool off

If you're looking to cool off and have fun in the water, the mountains offer several possibilities. For example, you can try canyoning, which involves descending watercourses using various techniques: swimming, jumping, sliding, rappelling, and more. Canyoning is a playful activity accessible to everyone, allowing you to discover magnificent landscapes and experience thrilling sensations. Alternatively, you can opt for rafting, where you navigate a river aboard an inflatable boat, facing rapids and obstacles. Rafting is a dynamic and sociable activity that requires coordination and teamwork. Lastly, you can give hydrospeed a try, which involves swimming down a river equipped with a wetsuit, helmet, and board. Hydrospeed is a sporty and intense activity that allows you to feel in harmony with the water and challenge the currents.


Land-based activities.

If you prefer to stay on solid ground, the mountains also offer many possibilities. For example, you can try mountain biking, which involves riding trails on a bicycle, adjusting your speed and trajectory according to the terrain. Mountain biking is a physical and technical activity that allows you to enjoy the scenery, expend energy, and improve your skills. You can also opt for hiking, which involves walking on marked trails, choosing your route and duration. Hiking is a simple and enjoyable activity that allows you to breathe fresh air, discover fauna and flora, and rejuvenate. Finally, you can try via ferrata, which involves progressing along a rocky wall equipped with a harness, lanyard, and helmet, following a route secured by cables, ladders, bridges, and more. Via ferrata is an adventurous and thrilling activity that allows you to learn climbing skills, overcome fears, and enjoy breathtaking views.


Activities in the air

If you're looking to gain altitude and soar, the mountains offer a unique opportunity: paragliding. Paragliding involves taking off from a slope equipped with a canopy, harness, and helmet, and gliding through the air, utilizing updrafts. Paragliding is a magical and unforgettable activity that allows you to feel free, admire the beauty of the mountains, and have an extraordinary experience.


Enjoy the lake

In addition to mountain adventures, mountain lakes also offer a myriad of aquatic activities. E-foil, a new emerging trend, allows you to glide over the water using a board equipped with a motorized foil, providing a sensation of flying above the lake's surface. For a more traditional experience, kayaking and canoeing allow for peaceful exploration of the crystal-clear waters, admiring the surrounding landscapes and being lulled by the tranquility of the lake. As for paddleboarding, it offers a playful way to navigate, standing on a board, either enjoying a yoga session in nature or simply being carried by the summer breeze. These lake activities add an extra dimension to your mountain getaway, allowing you to fully connect with the aquatic environment while experiencing moments of relaxation and enjoyment with family or friends.

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