With thirty years of experience and expertise in the outdoor market, the Pro Outdoor Academy offers comprehensive training with recognized professionals and an active field-based pedagogy. Our training programs are backed by comprehensive curricula and the expertise of experienced professionals and instructors who are dedicated to your success. Regardless of the chosen curriculum, you will always be surrounded by passionate and engaging experts. All our programs are designed to support each of our trainees in entering the job market and empower them to take charge of their training.

The Pro Outdoor Academy, a training center like no other


If you love nature, sports, and adventure, and dream of turning your passion into a profession, then the Pro Outdoor Academy is perfect for you! This training center offers qualifying and diploma courses in skiing, mountain guiding, and whitewater activities. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, you'll find the training tailored to your career goals and skill level. The Pro Outdoor Academy supports you throughout your journey, from exam preparation to entering the job market. You'll receive high-quality instruction from recognized and passionate professionals who will share their expertise and experience with you.

Skiing, a career that glides


Skiing is one of the most popular and beloved winter sports in France. It attracts millions of tourists every year who come to enjoy the ski resorts and snowy landscapes. Skiing offers numerous opportunities for seasonal employment as well as long-term careers. To become a ski instructor, one needs to obtain the State Diploma in Alpine Skiing or Nordic Skiing, which is a two-year program. This diploma qualifies you to teach skiing to various levels of proficiency, from beginners to advanced, and to guide them in their progression. Additionally, you'll be able to lead groups, organize activities, and contribute to the resort's operations.

The Pro Outdoor Academy offers a comprehensive training program, including theoretical courses, practical internships, and regular assessments. You'll learn skiing techniques, pedagogy, safety, first aid, mountain environment, and regulations.

Mountain guiding, a career that takes you to new heights.


Mountain guiding is a profession that involves leading and animating hiking or snowshoeing excursions, both in summer and winter. It appeals to nature lovers who wish to explore the richness and diversity of mountain environments. A mountain guide is a professional with a good understanding of the fauna, flora, geology, history, and culture of the areas traversed. They also know how to adapt to the needs and desires of their clients by offering suitable itineraries, anecdotes, games, or recreational activities. Additionally, they ensure the group's safety by anticipating risks and mastering first aid techniques.

To pursue this career, one must obtain the State Diploma of Mountain Guide (AMM), which is a one-year program. This diploma allows professionals to work throughout France, except in glacial areas, climbing terrains, and ski resorts. It is also possible to work abroad in countries that recognize this diploma. The Pro Outdoor Academy prepares students for this diploma by providing a comprehensive training program, including theoretical classes, practical internships, and regular assessments. Students learn hiking techniques, pedagogy, safety, first aid, mountain environment, and regulations.

Whitewater, a career that makes waves.


Whitewater encompasses various water activities such as kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and canyoning. These are thrilling sports that require a good mastery of water and equipment. Whitewater adventures offer opportunities to explore unique landscapes and face natural elements. A whitewater instructor is a professional who can initiate and guide practitioners of all levels while adhering to safety regulations and environmental standards.

The Pro Outdoor Academy supports you in achieving the required level and obtaining your CQP (Certificate of Professional Qualification) in Whitewater Rafting and Swimming Guide. You will learn navigation techniques, pedagogy, safety, first aid, aquatic environment, and regulations.

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