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The world is evolving, and so is downhill mountain biking!

Electric bikes are gradually become a common sight. This new type of biking, where your own efforts are assisted by that of an electric motor, will enable you to go on longer rides. 

You will go further and faster!

The different assistance settings provide essential support that allows you to easily climb steep slopes and reach higher altitudes.  The battery power settings range from economy to turbo mode, and can be adjusted manually by using a simple “+ and -” command button.

Europeans standard require a clamping system at 25km/h with a maximum tolerance up to 27km/h.

Everyone, from families on relaxed bike rides to UCI World Cups riders (International Cycling Union), agree that this is the “cycling of tomorrow.”

This cycling revolution is the fruits of labour from a range of actors:

  1. Manufacturers: those with a focus on following “healthy” trends during the last ten years. Cycling is a demanding sport, and consumers may have been deterred at the thought of climbing for hours, with the resulting muscular pains that can stem from such an effort.  The question was how to revive a sport that was considered to be too demanding for many? The answer: the electric bike.
  2. Elite athletes: go and tell Julien Absalon (five times world champion and double Olympic mountain bike champion) that the future of his sport is electric.  Hard to believe, but in the middle of a competition this is the point of view that is broadly shared. Organisers of international competitions and their athletes have greatly contributed to the evolution of the mental state of mind and the very French clichés surrounding electric assistance.  Today there are almost as many electric bike competitions as non-electric bike ones (UCI Marathons, Mountain Bike RACE …).
  3. Finally, it is thanks to development work of bike resorts and particularly the development of bikeparks.  Trails specially created for mountain biking are becoming cleaner and safer.  To this end, the development of these marked bike trails encourages people to take up cycling.  There have also never been as many biking schools as there are today, evidence of the excitement that surrounds this sport.

The feel of an electric bike is a mix between that of a static indoor bike and a classic bike!  The pedalling rhythm has to be maintained, a centred position on the saddle and an engine noise or mechanical friction is felt slightly.

But rest assured, the look on your face, the smell of the undergrowth and the need for balance reminds us that this remains a bike ride!

With input from Antonin Lieutaghin, director of a bike school in les Aravis.