An exceptional duo MTB raid

Get ready to experience an extraordinary mountain biking adventure this early September with the Tarentaise Enduro by Evolution 2. This two-day roaming raid is a must-attend event for MTB enthusiasts. Starting from Tignes-les Boisses and ending in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore new trails in a duo, whether on a traditional bike or an e-MTB.

Embark on trails never before used in competition with your partner! The fresh mountain air, the sound of wheels on the paths, and the breathtaking panoramas will combine to offer you a total immersion in nature. Find out more in this article.




What is enduro ?

Enduro is a mountain biking discipline that combines endurance with downhill techniques. It features timed special stages where speed and skill are crucial, interspersed with untimed liaison stages where participants ride at their own pace. It's a comprehensive challenge requiring both downhill skills and good physical condition for the climbs and liaison sections. Enduro offers a complete experience for mountain biking enthusiasts. It’s a discipline that tests and improves your technical skills while allowing you to enjoy magnificent landscapes during the liaison stages. Participating in an enduro is also a chance to push your limits, feel the adrenaline of fast and technical descents, and share intense moments with other enthusiasts


Why choose enduro?

With 35 years of experience in sports event management, Evolution 2 stands out for its professionalism and commitment to providing exceptional experiences. With dozens of annual events in various disciplines like skiing, snowboarding, and rafting, Evolution 2 is a major player in outdoor sports. Each event promises unforgettable moments, guided by passionate and experienced professionals.


Why participate in the Tarentaise Enduro?

Participating in the Tarentaise Enduro is a chance to share significant moments with your riding partner, whether they are a friend, colleague, spouse, or other. Together, you will ride singles never raced before, feeling the adrenaline of each descent and the satisfaction of each climb. You will discover breathtaking landscapes, stunning views of the Grande Sassière and Mont Pourri, hidden paths, and secret trails. You will experience total immersion in the wild nature of Haute-Tarentaise, far from the beaten paths and the crowds.


A Unique Atmosphere

The days will be punctuated by timed special stages where you can test your technical skills and endurance. What will make this experience truly special is the friendly and festive atmosphere. Each evening, gather around an aperitif, share your exploits and anecdotes with other participants, and let yourself be carried away by the stories of your adventures. The camaraderie and group spirit will turn this raid into a memorable experience.


Weekend Schedule

The Tarentaise Enduro weekend will unfold as follows:

  • Day 1: Participant reception at Tignes-les Boisses and first bivouac. An evening under the stars to get to know the other teams and share your expectations for the race.
  • Day 2: Departure for the first special stages. The liaisons between the stages will be pedal-powered, allowing you to fully enjoy the Haute-Tarentaise landscapes. At the end of the day, a convivial aperitif to share the highlights.
  • Day 3: Continuation of the special stages to Bourg-Saint-Maurice with a grand final gathering to celebrate the end of this extraordinary adventure.

The course of the special stages will remain secret until the rider meeting on September 6, 2024, ensuring a total surprise and an additional adrenaline rush.


Join the adventure

Don’t miss this first edition of the Tarentaise Enduro by Evolution 2. Dive into an intense weekend of riding, discoveries, performances, and camaraderie. Sign up now and get ready to be amazed by the trails of Haute-Tarentaise! For more information and to register, visit here. The adventure awaits you!

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