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Who said athletes weren't gourmets?

We know how much it's appreciated to combine sport and comfort, so we've come up with two unusual offers to help you discover the pleasure of a mountain hike with the added sweetness of a gourmet package! 

Both packages are based on a 2-hour hike accompanied by a qualified mountain guide. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the mountain heights and their privileged natural environment. They are accessible to children aged 3 and over, and require no special sporting prerequisites...

1- The gourmet sunrise🌄

For Sunday morning adventurers, discover a program that will wake you up gently and delight your taste buds: 

  • Start with a group hike from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., adapted to each person's level, so that everyone has an enjoyable time. 🌱
  • Continue your morning in an alpine restaurant, where you'll enjoy a hearty breakfast overlooking Mont-Blanc. 

2- The gourmet sunrise🌅

Take to the mountains and enjoy an incredible sunset! 

  • From 5pm to 7pm, let yourself be guided and try your hand at group hiking. The evening coolness is back, the sun is slowly setting and the silent mountains are approaching... 🌱
  • At the end of your epic journey, enjoy a delicious meal in a high-altitude restaurant and let yourself be tempted by a carefully concocted formula, available on Thursday or Saturday: 

The menu: sausages and mashed potatoes from our childhood with meat juice, mashed potatoes with garlic confit or vegetarian salad. To finish on a high note, strawberry tiramisu.

Saturday special: on Saturdays only, you can also order a fondue or a raclette (2 pers min), or choose the formula above. 

If you're more of a sportsman than a gourmet, you can still book your hike only. 🌞

The alpine/altitude restaurant that will welcome you for your tastings is Le relais des communailles, located 15 minutes from Megève, on the porche du Bettex in the resort of Saint-Gervais Les Bains. 




Sunset hiking + meal 🥘


Sunset hiking only 🌄


Sunrise hiking + breakfast 🥐


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Le relais des communailles

Le relais des communailles

Le relais des communailles

Le relais des communailles

Le relais des communailles

Le relais des communailles

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