Evolution 2 philosophy

A different approach

From the outset, it has been our passion for nature and sports which has led us to live strong and enriching experiences, and that makes us the adventure professionals we are.

Fully qualified professionals who have taken the best training, have the desire to share their knowledge and our adventurous projects, always respecting our philosophy: the pursuit of excellence!

The quality of our services are reliant on the excellence of our staff.  It is in this environment that the Evolution 2 approach is firmly rooted.

Evolution 2 un esprit différente
Cours jeunesse Evolution 2

The Origin

It was nearly 30 years ago, in 1987, when the Evolution 2 adventure began.

At the outset, our passion was the outdoors.  Hervé Favre, a ski instructor and entrepreneur, surrounded by 5 collaborators developed a different forward thinking ski school a far cry from the traditional rigid structures that existed at that time.

30 years later there are more than 500 sporting professionals proudly wearing the Evolution 2 colours, both nationally in France and worldwide, each and every one affirming the same philosophies that Evolution 2 was built upon.  Men and women converging from different backgrounds.

The instructors approach

To discover the best spots, those where you’ll be rewarded with that feeling of being totally at ease in what can be at times a testing environment.

To give you the words of wisdom, at just the right time, without being too strict or overly technical.

In choosing Evolution 2, whatever the activity or terrain, is the guarantee that you will have the best possible experience.

If you ask for the moon, we will take you there!

Parole de pro

Our philosophy, your guarantee !


A commun passion.


Land, air, water, snow…


We are highly demanding above all on ourselves.


This is the culmination of a common experience that leaves nothing to chance.


Evolution 2 has a different spirit that we wish to communicate to you.


The purpose of our business and the quality of our services.


A particular vision of teaching the sport that always pushes us to have an edge over others.


Our teams are the best, capable of adhering to our ideals and giving you their maximum.