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Bio-dynamic Relaxation is accessible to everyone, whatever your age or physical condition (young, old or elderly)! What are the real benefits of Biodynamic Relaxation? 

Bio-dynamic Relaxation is a holistic approach based on emotional intelligence, which aims to improve physical and mental well-being by releasing tension through internal movement and breathing. It promotes a better circulation of vital energy, opens up body awareness and helps release neuro-emotional toxins inscribed by our pain and stress situations buried in our bodies. Following these practices observed on all our trainees, here are some shared results and benefits:

On the physical level :

Reduced stress and anxiety
Improved sleep
Pain relief
Improved flexibility and mobility
Strengthened immune system
Reduced muscle and joint tension
Improved blood circulation
Prevention of psychosomatic disorders
Mental and emotional :

Better management of emotions
Increased self-confidence
Development of self-awareness
Improved concentration and memory
Letting go and deep relaxation
Prevention of burn-out
Access to inner resources
The Bio-dynamic Relaxation session will continue with specific exercises to enhance well-being and make the most of this rich experience.

RDV: Wednesdays at Evolution 2 lakes at 10 a.m.
Duration: 1 hour



Accessible to all

This activity is available at all levels. 

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Suitable for children aged 8 and over


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