What is glacier hiking ?

What is glacier hiking ?

No, it does not correspond to a hike where you eat ice creams. Well, you can, but at the end, as a reward !

Evolution 2 Chamonix makes you discover the majestic summits of Chamonix Mont-Blanc during a hike surrounding by millennium glaciers.

Practically speaking, equipped by spikes and high mountain shoes, you will hike on the glacier, bypass crevices in the middle of a breathtaking landscape : the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif.

Should we keep going ?

Will you be alone or guided ?

Will you be alone or guided ?

Evolution 2 ensures you security and comfort ! You are here to have a good time and to enjoy the mountains !

Therefore, you will be coached by a high mountain guide during this fabulous adventure in the glaciers of the Mont-Blanc massif. Graduated and experimented since a long time, he will safely guide you during this unique adventure. More than that, he will share with you his knowledge and his passion for mountains. He will answer to your questions : summit’s names, altitudes, alpinism history, functioning of the glaciers … The mountain will no longer be a secret for you.

What is the required level ?

What is the required level ?

Good news for you, to do glacier hiking, you do not need any previous spike hiking experience, our guides adapt the hike regarding your experiences and your physical condition.

Evolution 2 Chamonix proposes you two glacier hikes : The Mer de Glace or The Vallée Blanche.

To reach the Mer Glace, you will first take the famous red train of the Montenvers  (for the moment it does not require any effort). The hike is at 1 800 m of altitude. To do this hike, we ask to our clients to be able to hike for approximatively 4 to 5 hours with a low drop (that’s not a big deal). The Mer de Glace hiking is also the perfect place to learn, to improve spiking technic and to be initiated to ice climbing !

The starting point of the Vallée Blanche is located at the top of the Aiguille Du Midi at 3 842 m of altitude. In this itinerary, you will do high altitude hike ! To do the Vallée Blanche we ask to our clients to be endurant to fully enjoy the breathtaking view.

So Régine, how was your glacier hiking with Evolution 2 ?!

Régine received a gift card for her birthday. She enjoyed the Vallée Blanche hike with 3 members of her family.


How did you react when you discovered this birthday present from your family ?

“Oh God ! I think my children overestimate me …”

How was your day ?

“Super good ! Nice weather, a splendid sunny day , a nice coaching  and good people with me … “

What was the biggest moment of your day ?

“.. everything was emotional, it was magic and beautiful …”

What would be the advice for the who’s going to listen to you ?

“Train before …”

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