The Evolution 2 Chamonix “Events” can help you, to create, a seminar that will suit you, to federate your team and make them live an unforgettable moment.

The best thing to convince you is to let you immerse into a real-life situation!

We will present you to “Justin”, an event manager in a construction company, that are looking for a company that can take care and organize the annual seminar for his company. His will, is to organize an adventure in an outstanding setting!

👉 Follow us, and you will discover how our teams have done to meet his expectations.

Chapter 1...the customer’s request

Everything starts with a form that Justin has filled out on our page: Seminars in Chamonix, on our website...well done Justin! Practical and efficient, for both of us! 😉

A project manager will take comfort in the first important information that is essential, to create a tailor-made adventure for Justin’s Company! That person will be the privileged contact for Justin, during this adventure.

👉 Here you have the background summary for Justin’s request:

  • Contact: Justin the Event manager for a Construction Company
  • Request: To organize the annual seminar in an outstanding setting!
  • Number of participants: Around 60 persons, men & women, about 40 – 45 years.
  • Location: In France, close to the sea or in the mountains, the choice is not yet closed: My heart swings, between the almost island of Giens, or the resourcing nature of Chamonix! (Your heart doesn’t have to swing for long! 😅)
  • Period of the year: September
  • Length of stay: 48H
  • Program: After an arrival, late morning, the first day will be dedicated to work! We will ask you for, the second day, to put the activities in the morning, with a departure, in the middle of the afternoon, to attend to the closing meeting.
  • The purpose of the seminar is: To gather, bring together, build cohesion, self – improvement, everything in a respectful approach to the environment, with a hint of competition and delicacy!

Justin’s request is clear and detailed. Despite this, we will contact him to refine some information that we need, like the physical conditions of the group and the expectations of our client.
The human contact is essential for Evolution 2! 💕

Chapter 2: What we have prepared for them!

After our exchange with Justin, the “mountain destination” seems to have nearly won his heart....Chamonix has done well!

Now we just have to put together the program that will meet our client’s wishes. So he will live a sensational experience. That will be a tasty mixture between the sports and nature allied with the alpine gastronomy!

Here is what we offered him:

Team building - Evolution 2 Chamonix

Business seminar - Evolution 2 Chamonix

At 10h00, everybody will “saddle up! After a short brief, everybody will hop on the electrical VTT’s, for a “Green approach” and see how to travel in Chamonix! 🚵
At 11h00, after a nice walk in the Valley, you will arrive at the shooting range.
The participants, will be put into different teams, they will practice this activity, so they will feel Like an Olympic champion! 🎯
At 11h30, you Biathlon & E-Bike challenge will begin: an explosive mixture!
You have to show determination and precision while shooting, and in between the 2 tests, you have to raise the cardio, during a short custom made course!
After exceeding and self-improvement, we will see what team that has been the most efficient! 💪
At 12H30, end of the game and the award ceremony!  🥇
You will get your strengths back, after having lunch, in a beautiful restaurant in front of the Mont Blanc, while admiring the landscape! 🏔️
At 15h00, it will be time to go back! On a bike, of course! A last breath of fresh air, to close this beautiful day with outdoor activities.
At 15h45, back to your hotel!

Chapter 3: the Evolution 2 ++

We were right! Justin he’s delighted with our proposition! The mountain offer has won this year, to organize his company’s seminar.

Nevertheless, Justin, as a good challenger, that he seems to be, he wants to know our strengths...these little extras that will guarantee him that Evolution 2 Chamonix will give him the magical moments that his company is looking for.
So Justin, here’s 7 points, why you‘re right to trust us!

👉 EFFICIENCY: Our team of project managers are active, creative and they will listen to you! That’s the base of efficiency that will stick to your expectations without dozens of back and forth that will be weary for you.👉 LOCALLY: We are all from Chamonix, so we will guarantee you to have the best knowledge of the best spots in the area! 🤫
👉 EXPERIENCE: All the field professionals, that accompanies you, they have all the certificates, experience, motivation, education and passion...just that! 😍 You can leave your teams in trusted and experienced hands; you can just follow everything safely, on the side!
👉 FLEXIBLE: The disciplines that we can offer you are as varied as we are flexible! It’s up to you, to combine and merge the activities that will give you a unique experience.
👉 ORIGINAL:  We have this, “I don’t know what” that will take us out off the beaten tracks. We don’t copy, we create! 🧙
👉 SHARING:  We like to share our good deals and our best addresses! That’s the Evolution 2 spirit!
A wind of freshness, and sincerity for a magical adventure, in the heart of nature!

So Justin, are you ready to organize your seminar? 📅

To create and live your future experiences, discover our page: Groups & seminars in Chamonix. You can also contact our team:
📞 04 50 55 53 58 📧

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